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44 - Snafu Takeover III ft. Hunt Them Crew

11th June 2012
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2nd April 2012
44 - Snafu Takeover III ft. Hunt Them Crew
19th March 2012
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20th February 2012
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Chungo-Bungo // 1900-2100 02.04.12

44 - snafu takeover iii ft. hunt them crew

This Friday (06/04) we head back to Snafu in Aberdeen for our third session there since August.

We're taking Hunt Them Crew with us for the party, so to get you in the mood we've invited HTC & Neo Tokyo Bass stalwart DJ Kokoro down to the studio for a proper digital and rubadub session.

We're lucky enough to count Kokoro as a close pal, and from that we can say he's without doubt one of the best young DJ's that Glasgow has to offer at the moment. Don't miss!

Posted at 20:26, 1st April 2012


Bad Boy Skeng
Red Dragon Weed Beat
Rough & Rugged
Shinehead ALM
Body Come Down
Lyrical Weed Beat
Culture Mi Vote
Sister Carol Scotch Bonnet
Di Cheeses
Squeek a Mouse White Label
Arma Giddy Aunt
Daddy Freddy Dubplate
Don Hickey Chopper
No Darkness
Courtney Melody Chopper
CB Rip It Up
Charlie P Chungo-Bungo Dubplate
Stand Off
Daddy Scotty White Label
Leave The Oil Alone
Dixie Peach and Afrikan Simba Scotch Bonnet
Youthman Invasion
Midnight Riders Tas'ha
Dancing Machine
Wayne Smith Tas'ha
Me No Mix
Gilly Buchanan Tas'ha
Love Me Entertainment
Steve Knight Tas'ha
Midnight Riders Tas'ha
Mr. Chin
Yellow Man Volcano
Bam Salute
Lee Van Cliff Jah Guidance
Line Up
Johnny Osbourne Firehouse
Life in the Ghetto
Andrew Bees New Name
Original Foreign Mind
Junior Reid Youth Promotion
President Botha
Danny Coxon Gem Star
Forever and Always
Carlton and Shoes Quality
Wayne Smith Jammy's
World Best Lover
Tonto Irie Jammy's
Andrew Bees Basic Replay
Concrete Jungle
Dave Bailey Redman International
Me No Want No Boops
Anthony Red Rose Firehouse
Careless People
Tony Tuff Redman International
Don Angelo Channel "1"
One In A Million
Half Pint Jammy's
Billie Jean
Shinehead ALM
CB Boogie
Dubsy Chungo-Bungo Dubplate
These Three Girls
Mankind Mankind
Dollar Fi Spend
Nicodemus Eclipse
Preize Ye (Arie Cold Up Norf Refix)
Sizzla Dubplate
Jah Rain (RSD Refix)
Danman Ranking Records
Kromestar Dubstep For Deep Heads
Skengman Mode
Frisco Boy Better Know
Higher and Removal (Mungo's Hi Fi Refix)
Eek A Mouse Scrub a Dub
Sun Is Shining (Booka B Remix)
Bob Marley Unknown
Time Wasters
Maxwell D & Flow Dan Musketeers
Afghan HTC Dubplate
Charlie Pee Dubplate
Calous Dubplate
Brother Culture Chungo-Bungo Dubplate
Return of Django
lee perry Upsetter

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