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11th June 2012
45 - It's a Hard Road to Travel Soundbwoy!!
2nd April 2012
44 - Snafu Takeover III ft. Hunt Them Crew
19th March 2012
43 - 23.03 Preview Session
20th February 2012
42 - It's a Pre-Party Ya Know
23rd January 2012
40 - CB meets Mungo's Hi Fi
21st November 2011
39 - Run Them a-Run
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45 - it's a hard road to travel soundbwoy!!

Chungo-Bungo // 11.06.12 // 45 - It's a Hard Road to Travel Soundbwoy!!

There's been many a Buckfast-filled nights of laughs in the sweaty wee studio, many hazy memories, excited plays of our first ever dubplates and a few sessions that never seemed like they would end.

With these great memories intact and some exciting plans for the future, we've decided to call it a day. Tonight will be our last show on the station, aside from a few specials now and then (hopefully!).

So that's James on selection, Campeazi on the mic, a bag of 45's and nuff dubplates.

Live at 7pm or listen again anytime, one last time.

Reggae is the music.

Posted at 12:29, 7th June 2012

44 - snafu takeover iii ft. hunt them crew

Chungo-Bungo // 02.04.12 // 44 - Snafu Takeover III ft. Hunt Them Crew

This Friday (06/04) we head back to Snafu in Aberdeen for our third session there since August.

We're taking Hunt Them Crew with us for the party, so to get you in the mood we've invited HTC & Neo Tokyo Bass stalwart DJ Kokoro down to the studio for a proper digital and rubadub session.

We're lucky enough to count Kokoro as a close pal, and from that we can say he's without doubt one of the best young DJ's that Glasgow has to offer at the moment. Don't miss!

Posted at 20:26, 1st April 2012

43 - 23.03 preview session (ticket giveaway)

Chungo-Bungo // 19.03.12 // 43 - 23.03 Preview Session

After missing a few shows (sorry!), we're back.

This Friday (23rd March) at Chambre 69 we are representing for Scotch Bonnet Records alongside Mungo's Hi Fi, as we welcome Kenny Knots and Part2Style to Glasgow.

Expect this show to be a proper preparation for this Friday's session, with many tunes we'll be playing on the night, along with a few new dubplate versions.

Listen close for a chance to win a pair of tickets for this Friday. Don't miss!

Facebook Event

Posted at 15:42, 19th March 2012

42 - it's a pre-party ya know

Chungo-Bungo // 20.02.12 // 42 - It's a Pre-Party Ya Know

We're having a CB party in the studio tonight ahead of Saturday mad session with Mungo's Hi Fi and Charlie P.

New riddims from Dreadsquad, Bass Culture Players and Mungo's as well as a few special versions for good measure.

Nothing but pure vibes in the studio.

Posted at 18:29, 20th February 2012

41 - cb b2b htc 140 style

Chungo-Bungo // 06.02.12 // 41 - CB b2b Kokoro

Tonight cb goes back to back with hunt them crew inna 140 style.

Posted at 19:20, 6th February 2012

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