By The Power Vested In Me, I Dub Thee chOOn!!

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11th September 2015
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chOOn!! // 0900-1100 30.04.12

by the power vested in me, i dub thee choon!!

I am a collector and a rabid one and I avail myself of the many blogs across tut wondrous interweb. Come join me as I lay siege to the global music blogosphere and rise from the ashes of a moderately sized bedroom with a clutch of the wildest chOOns this side of an FTP server.

In this week's programme we explore Algerian Kabylian Electro-Folk, Ethiopian Fluff-Pop, Israeli Guitar-Trance, Turkish Eurovision, Dark French Library, Moroccan Cell phone Fodder and MASSive Cosmic Disco... chOOn!! in!

Posted at 21:39, 28th April 2012


Kieow Khao Ro Phi [chOOn!! Theme]
Phimpha Phonsiri ft. Mr. chOOn!! White Label (bootleg Mix)
Baligh Hamdi Artists Arabes Assoces
Salaouat Nabina
Hamdawa and M'allem 'Zouzou Saout Khyam
Dilo Dilo Yaylalar
Kamuran Akkor İstanbul Plak – 9299
Oh My Love
Anand Milind and S. Janaki and Amit Kumar Super Cassettes Industries Limited
Ermehen Awuta
Hamelmal Abate White Label
Et Dodim Kala
Zohar Argov Galton
Oh Baba
Mohamed Mounir Sonar
Hey Mina
The Jones CONTINENTAL CS 50.161
Mansou Djouwi
Houn Pierre and De L'Orchestre Belier Andralex Sacodis
Taa Lassa
International Soleil Band WAM
Allahu Akbar
Fantastique Group Purnama
Ranjish Hi Sahi
Nisar Bazmi Shalimar Recording Company Limited
Panayir Gunu
Timur Selcuk Orkestrasi Yonca
Yol Ver
Ertan Anapa 1 Numara – a.k. 24
Çiçek Dağı
Zafer Dilek Yonca
Lay Le Maza Pyar Da
Wazir Afsal and Noor Jehan Columbia (Pakistan)
Yumemiru Yakusoku
Haruomi Hosono Yen Memorial - 101
Da g LuLu (L'éternel recommencement)
Iqouvach Azul Diffusion
Jazz Cellar
Eric Siday Berry Music
Ballet Vaudou
Camille Sauvage Mondiophone – MON 34
Eberhard Schoener EMI Electrola
Zoot Kook
Sandii Alfa Records, Inc – ALR-28002
My Time
Telex Sire
Born To Disco
Quadra Bros Band Tyme
West Side Story Break
Salsoul Orchestra ft. DJ Discotizer and Mr. chOOn!! White Label (bootleg Mix)

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