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6th November 2015
9th October 2015
chOOned out me Tree
25th September 2015
Stick this up yer chOOn and smoke it!
11th September 2015
chOOn yer boots!!
14th August 2015
Take a chOOn Pill
19th June 2015
Bread and Circuses and chOOns!!
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This programme was born out of the desire to share the best of the most amazing downloads siphoned from deep within the bloated bowels of the globetrotting music blogosphere.

A lost world of undiscovered artefacts and simply outrageous sounds await your careful attention with an oddball selection wandering through past and present independent music, worldbeat gems, exotic oddities, bizarre disco, creepy soundtracks, fuzzy library, deviant crossovers, primitive electronics, amateur incidents, nowadays outsiders...and forgotten fourth world composers. From the sublime to the ridiculous but all fit to be branded "chOOn"!


chooned out me tree

chOOn!! // 09.10.15 // chOOned out me Tree

The third in a series of special cosmic themed episodes - chulled-oot moods suitable for meditation, romance, and heavy constipation. From the forest to the ocean to deep space, from Glasgow to Narnia, chOOn!! takes on hypnotic rhythms, fourth world funk, magnetic blues and deep new age fodder. chOOn!! in and zonk out!

Posted at 08:20, 7th October 2015

stick this up yer choon and smoke it!

chOOn!! // 25.09.15 // Stick this up yer chOOn and smoke it!

Outernational Deejay Gigoglo of the Magestic Dancers-Music crew, Glasgow's Vienna Sausage club resident and one of the people behind the excellent record store Groove Beavers from Largs, the one and only mr chOOn!! steps into the internet with a heavy mixtape of Outernational goodies: South African Library music(!), Cosmic Hawaiian Oddities, Egyptian Moog Melters, Turkish Discoid Dunders, Soviet Synth Pop-Tarts - basically shakeyertittiesmania - stick this one up yer chOOn and smoke it!

Posted at 23:10, 23rd September 2015

choon yer boots!!

chOOn!! // 11.09.15 // chOOn yer boots!!

The second in a series of special cosmic themed episodes - Exotic moods suitable for leisure, romance, and sweet, sweet love-making. From the rainforest to the sea to the outer reaches of our solar system, from Glasgow to Estonia, chOOn!! takes on hypnotic rhythms, fourth world funk, magnetic blues and deep new age fodder. chOOn!! in and bong out!

Posted at 07:20, 10th September 2015

take a choon pill

chOOn!! // 14.08.15 // Take a chOOn Pill

chOOn!! returns with the first in a series of special cosmic themed episodes - Over 4 or so shows mr. chOOn!! will delve into his stash of deep new age dollar bin cuts, fourth world twilight funk, tropical oddities and exotic rarities from Africa, Spain, Poland, Mexico, Japan and beyond - ethnographic slices of bliss and wonderment - chOOn!! in and melt out!

Posted at 22:44, 13th August 2015

bread and circuses and choons!!

chOOn!! // 19.06.15 // Bread and Circuses and chOOns!!

Confessions of a chOOnoholic - these 120 minutes find mr. chOOn!! back after a 3 month hiatus and hooked on his main drug: schizophronic mp3.

Needless to say these chOOns want to stay anonymous - that's why i've typed up a playlist below - you’ll hear some quite fudged up chOOnage but there’s more to it: Heard of Pakistani Disco Bananas on the Arabic fusion tip? - a very popular Japanese musician taking advantage of his own radio listenership and offering up chOOns for collaboration over the air waves?? - Finnish interpretations of Alien ethnography??? - the Tom Tom Club on the Bollywood wedding synth tip???? (Don’t) try this at home!

Recorded live on two compact disc players using all original mp3

Posted at 20:16, 16th June 2015

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