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The Cheesy Rock Show does exactly what it says on the tin - unashamedly playing cheesy rock of all varieties. Combining this with some of Subcity's finest DJs and best loved banter The Cheesy Rock Show is two hours of guaranteed pleasure!


one hit wonders special!

The Cheesy Rock Show // 02.05.09

The Cheesy Rock Show is this week counting down its very own top ten one hit wonders! It makes for a mind-blowing two hours of cheese! The top ten is so good that The LAs, Babylon Zoo and The Bluebells didn't even come close! The Divinyls are even touching themselves with excitement at this list but even they shall be disappointed to only recieve an honorary mention! And as for The Singing Nun from Belguim....well you'll have to tune in to find out how she got on! The Cheesy Rock Show Saturday Morning 10am-12noon.

Posted at 00:11, 2nd May 2009

at last some cheese!

The Cheesy Rock Show // 25.04.09

After a few weeks of work commitments I am delighted to announce that The Cheesy Rock Show was able to pop by and deliver some cheese with your toast this morning!! Returning to the airwaves The Cheesy Rock Show today plans its last two shows of the academic year!

Posted at 10:20, 25th April 2009

valentines special

The Cheesy Rock Show // 14.02.09

The Cheesy Rock Show and Valentines Day fit each other like a gLove! Listen again to this love filled - quite bitter at times - show! Whether you are loved up or depressed you'll love The Cheesy Rock Show's take on Valentines Day!

Posted at 14:26, 14th February 2009

dj chuck's top ten glam rock classics

The Cheesy Rock Show // 24.01.09

This week on The Cheesy Rock Show DJ Chuck is counting down his Top Ten Glam Rock Classics! So take a back seat with Niall and like him dig out your platforms and flares get them dusted down and roll back the years on this Saturday's The Cheesy Rock Show.

Posted at 23:11, 23rd January 2009

top ten musical egos

The Cheesy Rock Show // 20.12.08 // Top Ten Musical Egos

This week The Cheesy Rock Show is returning to our Top Ten Countdowns by tracking our musical egos! Nominations are in on the forum and the judges have reached their decision, so the question is did your nomination make our final ten? Tune in at 10am on Saturday morning to hear The Cheesy Rock Show's Top Ten Musical Egos.....not to be missed!

Posted at 18:32, 19th December 2008

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