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The Cheekiest Royal Wedding... EVER.

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The All Day Cheeky Breakfast // 1000-1200 29.04.11

cheekier than kate middleton in a mr blobby suit..

The day has finally arrived. The horses are groomed, the abbey is primed and ready, the Great British public have a day off and they've temporarily forgetten about the real world... IT'S THE ALL DAY CHEEKY BREAKFAST, ROYAL WEDDING SPECIAL!

Join the boys as they take an alternative look at "The Royal Wedding of The Year" (Daily Mail) - with some of the usual features, including a regal game of Defend The Indefensible and a lovely edition of teen talk... Most of the show, however, is made up of glorious coverage of the wedding of Kate Middleton and William Wales. We're excited, and we hope you are too.

Join us with special guests, roving reporters and cherry bakewells - it's all here, it's all cheeky, it's the All Day Cheeky Breakfast!

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Posted at 18:39, 30th April 2011


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