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Nightbears and 'Accidents'.

The Cheeky Lads at PILOT
23rd May 2012
3rd Degree Burns: Christopher's Awakening
11th April 2012
Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears
28th March 2012
Nightbears and 'Accidents'.
29th February 2012
Bears, sweat and tears (Deluxe)
18th January 2012
Out with the old, In with even more cheek...
7th December 2011
Return of The Pandas
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The All Day Cheeky Breakfast // 1445-1600 28.03.12

the show so nice, they intro'd it twice.

Concentrated like cheap orange juice, focussed like an errant schoolboy's laser-pointer he bought whilst on holiday in Benalmadena, jam packed like size 14 shorts on a size 18 husky lady - The All Day Cheeky Breakfast this week is a smaller portioned, but even tastier treat than ever.

Join us as we defend the indefensible, solve the world's ills, discuss the problems of today's youth. The lads also sing a beautiful song about panda pregnancy - there's even some other (non karaoke) songs to string the cheek along.

It's fully charged and jam packed, another edition not to be missed.

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Posted at 23:41, 30th March 2012


River Deep Mountain High
Tina Turner EMI
Different People
No Doubt Interscope
You Get What You Give
The New Radicals MCA
What I like About You
The Romantics Nemperor
Help Me I am in Hell
Nine Inch Nails The Null Corporation
Magic bus
The Who Polydor
Diamond Dogs
David Bowie RCA

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