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Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears

The Cheeky Lads at PILOT
23rd May 2012
3rd Degree Burns: Christopher's Awakening
11th April 2012
Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears
28th March 2012
Nightbears and 'Accidents'.
29th February 2012
Bears, sweat and tears (Deluxe)
18th January 2012
Out with the old, In with even more cheek...
7th December 2011
Return of The Pandas
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The All Day Cheeky Breakfast // 1440-1600 11.04.12

bears bears bears bears bears bears bears bears

Jump onto the safari Jeep of the park rangers of cheek as we take you on an aural journey on the search of, you guessed it, BEARS.

The boys treat your meat to all the usual servings of cheek in the form of teen talk, another very special defend the indefensible, and what is very quickly becoming an increasingly notorious Pitch It. The dark passages of the internet are also scoured and brought to the forefront for you in the form of video footage of who seems to be Prof. Green's biggest fan.

Of course, there's a very special overriding theme to this particular show, although we'll let you figure out for yourself what exactly that is, Sherlocks.

Also gracing the waves are the fonkay rhythms of George Clinton, The Rolling Stones, the B52s, and much more besides.

You don't want to avoid this piping hot meal fit for all the family (excluding those of a sensitive nature).

Over and out, Bear Fries.

Posted at 20:04, 11th April 2012


New Beginnings
Satisfaction (I Can't Get No)
Rolling Stones Polydor
Uptight (Everything's Allright)
Stevie Wonder Motown
Video Killed The Radio Star
Buggles Island
Love Shack
B-52s Island
Atomic Dog (Dogs of the World Unite)
George Clinton Capitol
Life on Mars
David Bowie Deram

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