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3rd Degree Burns: Christopher's Awakening

The Cheeky Lads at PILOT
23rd May 2012
3rd Degree Burns: Christopher's Awakening
11th April 2012
Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears
28th March 2012
Nightbears and 'Accidents'.
29th February 2012
Bears, sweat and tears (Deluxe)
18th January 2012
Out with the old, In with even more cheek...
7th December 2011
Return of The Pandas
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The All Day Cheeky Breakfast // 1430-1600 23.05.12

3rd degree burns: christopher's awakening

After another wee stint out of the studio the boys are back in the studio to present you with more Cheek straight from the studios of Subcity Radio, where else?

Callum is out of the studio, and has been for the past few weeks, but do not fret, as the Kev and Miks are joined by the one and only Captain Sensible, Chris.

Throughout the show we are introduced and get to know the man taking Callum's place for this week, and once we feel comfortable with him we dive right into some classic and new cheek. Defend the indefensible, Pitch it, Teen Talk, the favourites all the there. As well as the addition of their new section: BULLSHIT.

Any suggestions/queries/insults? We'd love to hear them, get in touch via Facebook or [email protected]

More soon from the Cheeky Republic

Until then,

Over and out, Bacon Fries.

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