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The Descent of Big Gay Tom (Lieben Deutschland)

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The All Day Cheeky Breakfast // 1000-1200 04.02.11

the decent of big gay tom (wir lieben deutschland)

Join us again for another super sensuous and sehr gut serving of the All Day Cheeky Breakfast!

This week we have the absence of Kev "The Undertaker" Carr due to general fatigue. But fret not dear listener! For on the greasy platter this week we have Foxy News, Callum takes us on a thespian tour of what's going on throughout Glasgow, we find out what day is it across the world, we find out what tropical disease Varty is battling this week, and Michael excavates some hidden gems from the Bowels of his itunes library and is visited upon once more by the unsettled spirit of Lady Diana. We also celebrate all things German today*.

Also joining us in the studio is the friend, fellow student and fashion pundit, the one and only sexually unambiguous Big Gay Tom, who will be taking on a musical journey as well as giving the lads some fashion tips and some of the 'la-dee-da" London patter.

Check it out, Chalk it out, Cheek it out.

Over and out Bacon Fries!

* - Some things German

Posted at 19:12, 4th February 2011


Wouldn't Mama Be Proud
Elliott Smith Virgin
Baby I'm Yours
Breakbot Ed Banger
I Can See For Miles
The Who Track
Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
Flaming Lips Restless
Fishbone Warner Bros.
Monkey Wrench
Foo Fighters RCA
99 Red Baloons
Nena EMI
Get Up Off That Thing
James Brown Polydor
Love is The Drug
Roxy Music Virgin
Passing Me By
The Pharcyde Delicious Vinyl
Make Me Believe In You
Curtis Mayfield Warner Bros.
Give It Up
Lee Dorsey Fury
Zoot Suit Riot
Cherry Poppin' Daddies Mojo
Dirty Mutha Fuzz
Cherry Poppin' Daddies Mojo
Prince Warner Bros.

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