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Out with the old, In with even more cheek...

The Cheeky Lads at PILOT
23rd May 2012
3rd Degree Burns: Christopher's Awakening
11th April 2012
Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears
28th March 2012
Nightbears and 'Accidents'.
29th February 2012
Bears, sweat and tears (Deluxe)
18th January 2012
Out with the old, In with even more cheek...
7th December 2011
Return of The Pandas
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The All Day Cheeky Breakfast // 1400-1600 18.01.12

a new year, and cheek beckons...

It's a new year, and we're back on the air with 2 hours of cheek, chat and tunes! It's a no-holds-barred edition, with all of your favourites. We defend some indefensible statements, take a look at some teenage angst, Michael and Kevin pitch me a new documentary and much more.

Up for discussion this week - the internet censorship blackout, oscars for your favourite animal actors, a new yacht for her Maj and some other nonsense...

On the music front, we're treating you to you're bi-weekly dose of greats such as Hall and Oates, The Waterboys, Jermaine stewart, Ian Dury, Prince and of course - monsieur Bowie.

It's cheeky, and you don't want to miss it!

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Posted at 11:25, 19th January 2012


In a Big Country
Big Country Mercury
The whole of the moon
The Waterboys Circa
power of love
Huey Lewis and the News Chrysalis
we don't have to take our clothes off
jermaine stewart Virgin
sweet gene vincent
Ian Dury Stiff
Hit me with your rhythm stick
Ian Dury Stiff
atomic dog
George Clinton Capitol
TVC 15
David Bowie RCA
I would die 4 you
Prince Warner Bros.

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