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Bears, sweat and tears (Deluxe)

The Cheeky Lads at PILOT
23rd May 2012
3rd Degree Burns: Christopher's Awakening
11th April 2012
Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears
28th March 2012
Nightbears and 'Accidents'.
29th February 2012
Bears, sweat and tears (Deluxe)
18th January 2012
Out with the old, In with even more cheek...
7th December 2011
Return of The Pandas
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The All Day Cheeky Breakfast // 1425-1605 29.02.12

bears, sweat and tears (deluxe)

After another unfortunate spell from the airwaves, the lads are finally back to present you with an hour and a half of more cheek than you could give to the elderly.

The boys discuss recent news affairs, play in what looks to be one of the best Defend the Indefensible's and one of the best Pitch It's yet.

On top of the usual fonkay tunes, Callum also helps another young teenager with his gland-issues.

As if this wasn't enough, the Cheeky Breakfast's debut multi-disciplinary performance event "The Pitch: Apocalypse" is also talked about in so much detail you'll wish you'd have been able to get a ticket!

Tune in and butter up your earholes for this instalment of unadulterated cheek.

And remember, you can put a bear anywhere.

Posted at 20:09, 29th February 2012


Rich Girl
Hall and Oates Atlantic
Blur Food
Mary Jane
Rick James Motown
Get Rhythm
Johnny Cash Sun
Just Allow
Fishbone Hollywood
The Bad Touch
The Bloodhound Gang Columbia
Get Outta My Dreams (Get into my car)
Billy Ocean Epic
Fishbone DC Jam
By The Way
Red Hot Chilli Peppers EMI
Escape the Fire Running
Arcade Fire Mercury
Derek and the Dominoes Polydor
Oh you Pretty Thing
David Bowie Columbia

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