The most recent episode for this show was broadcast on the 24th March 2010

Casio Canteen

1500-1600 17.02.10

trash flavoured trash

i've given up nicotine for lent.

they say it helps if you replace one habit with another.

i tried biting my nails instead but i really don't like the way they taste. maybe i'm doing it wrong. maybe your not actually supposed to swallow them. who knows. maybe i'll take up a hard mans habit like gambling or smack. maybe i'll just start smoking again. meh.

todays shows. full of love, kittens and dubstep. plus a cheeky sprinkling of the usual big beats and perfect pop.

Mia Dora


Posted at 23:30, 17th February 2010


Flying Lotus Warp
Should Have Taken Acid With You(Future Rock Remix)
Neon Indian Lefse
What Else Is There? (Thin White Duke Remix)
Royksopp Astralwerks
Puppet Master (Tom EQ Remix)
The Huskies Unsigned
Vocal Chords (Tom EQ Remix)
Claude Von Stroke Dirtybird
Baltic Pine (GreenMoney Baltic Porn Bootleg)
Boy 8 Bit This Is Music
Walk Away Slow (Hostage Beats 2 Remix)
Tiffany Page Mercury
The Girl You Lost (Sander Van Doorn Remix)
Sia Hear
Hold That Sucker Down (Rico Tubbs Remix)
Bass Music Champion
All Green
Boog-a-loo Crew Trouble & Bass
Heads Up
Bassnectar Amorphous
Ghetto Blasta
KGB Eesti
Benga & Walsh Hotflush
Ready Or Not
Fugees Ruffhouse

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