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Casio Canteen, with Itch! resident Gnarlyface, is a show embracing all things electronic, a show which celebrates the sound of the digital generation. Whether it's music to dance to, relax to, drive to, even make out to, Casio Canteen wants to get your gray cells tingling to the glitching, beeping, bopping sound of a red hot hard-drive, an eclectic mix of all things electronic. This show will journey back as far as the likes of Kraftwerk, the time of the dinosaurs as far as the digital age is concerned, bringing you old treats as well as the freshest new sounds of everything coming under the headings MIDI/binary/8-bit/electronic. There will be a healthy portion of Mac-nificent music in the Casio Canteen!


the stig....he's come a long way since the dump

Casio Canteen // 24.03.10

We've got some great house tracks for you on today's show, a couple of great pop remixes and a few of the best dubstep tracks out there just now to finish things off. A properly dance-able show for you in anticipation of this months Itch! on Friday.

Easy Lionel


Posted at 22:27, 24th March 2010

sad times indeed

Casio Canteen // 17.03.10

sorry guys, there will be no Casio Canteen show this week.

i'm iiiiiill.

i've got man flu. its like normal flu but much worse.

i'm sure i'll be fit as a fiddle for next week though, ready to seduce your earlobes like a pervy old man!


Posted at 01:04, 18th March 2010

stupid has the balls

Casio Canteen // 10.03.10

life was so much simpler when apple and blackberry were just fruits


i downloaded loads of new tunes for todays show.

then i lost my playlist.

so i'm still in the process of listening back to the show trying to work out which song was which. so basically, playlist will appear soon enough.

major guttor.

Casio Canteen xx

Posted at 02:12, 16th March 2010

short but sweet

Casio Canteen // 03.03.10 the show starts at 31:58 if your listening back.

this is officially my bad! i showed up like an eager beaver thinking i'm half an hour early for my show, only to find out i'm a grade A douche and i was in fact half an hour late.

still managed to squeeze in some great tunes though.

we'll make up for it next week by making it a blinder of a show!


Posted at 15:08, 6th March 2010

the chicken..or the egg

Casio Canteen // 24.02.10

eminem is playing at TintheP.

eminem is 37

eminem is actually awesome, he's always been a guilty pleasure of mine. i cant believe he's 37. i'm pretty sure he slated moby in one of his songs a while back for still going at 35. ach well, we all have our sore spots...sometimes i worry that i might be a little bit too handsome. but i've had to deal with it my whole life, so you just kinda come to terms with it after a while.

anyways. i didnt even play any eminem on this show, that really was quite a tangent. i would love to but daytime-radio-show-friendly eminem songs are few and far between. if i were to bleep out all the swearing on one of his tracks it would just end up sounding like something by Kraftwerk.

today we went to town on dubstep and wonky hiphop, get this episode turned up because its all about the bass! the track by Shlohmo is one of my favourites just now, if you like that then check out the remix by Tokimonsta as well, its a blinder.

Itch! vs Thunder Disco Club...this saturday at the Art School! get yourselves along to see grown men cry like little girls on stage. knuckle dusters are packed and ready to go. check it out here --->!/event.php?eid=282884602413&ref=mf

also i've had complaints about my dreadful use of capital letters in the correct places...

iTS tHe rAdiO mAtE.......that is all


Casio Canteen

Posted at 18:28, 26th February 2010

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