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Guide to Black Metal

Cadaveric Incubator of Endopar... // 1800-1900 06.03.09

a beginners guide to black metal

In an effort to educate as well as entertain we've decided to provide listeners with a guide to the oft misunderstood genre of Black Metal.

We'll take a look at he origins of the sound in bands such as Venom and Bathory; study some of the lore surrounding Dead's suicide and the infamous church burnings; peruse some Black Metal from non-Scandinavian bands; and finally investigate how some bands have evolved their sound outside of the traditional mold.

No goats will be harmed during the making of this show.

Posted at 10:01, 4th March 2009


Black Metal
Venom Neat
Bathory Black Mark
Allfadr Odhinn
Enslaved Candlelight
Natassja in Eternal Sleep
Darkthrone Peaceville
The Burning Shadows of Silence
Emperor Candlelight
Cursed in Eternity
Mayhem Deathlike Silence
Retribution: Storm of the Light's Bane
Dissection Nuclear Blast
Blut Aus Nord Candlelight
Cemetery of Shattered Masks
Xasthur Hydra Head
In a Drowse
Sigh Candlelight

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