Point To C back in the mix.

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Point To C makes a triumphant return to Build + Destroy to deliver another fresh mix for the show. Kicking off with the disco boogie of Krystal Klear this mix goes from strength to strength featuring the sounds of Samoyed, Roska & Untold, Konx Om Pax and even Queen makes a quick appearance. Of course all of this is interspersed with film samples from The Man Who Would Be King and some work of William S Burroughs. Let's not forget that Point To C is the guest in the mix and that Andrew also played some great music too.

Build And Destroy // 2100-2300 17.02.11

point to c back in the mix.

That's right, we've coaxed the Earl of Edzell from out his country mansion to come in to the studio and go in the mix for us again. He says he's got something special planned, so tune in on Thursday to hear it live in the mix, or check it out again later on at www.subcity.org/shows/buildanddestroy.

Andrew will be hosting the rest of the show by himself as Sally is off sunning herself in the fields of revolution in Egypt.

You can find out more about Point To C/Grampian Mountains through the following links:


Posted at 10:32, 14th February 2011


Global Communication Discotheque
The Official
Jaylib Stones Throw
The Pharcyde Delicious Vinyl
Time: The Donuts Of The Heart
J Dilla Stones Throw
Morgan Zarate Fat City
Floatation Device
Samiyam Brainfeeder
Arc Light
Harmonic 313 Warp
Washing Machine
Mr Fingers Trax
Skynet 2 B
Alex Smith FXHE
808 State Rephlex
New Age
B12 B12
Chicken Noodle Soup
Toe Games Made Her Giggle
Dorian Concept Ninja Tune
Warriors Galactic
Arp 101 Eglo
Point To C back in the mix
THX 1138 Sample
Krystal Klear All City
Triple Threat (Radio Edit)
Z-3MC's DC
A Capital Federal (Appleblim & Arkist Rework)
Babe, Terror Phantasy Sound
Speedy J Plus 8
The Man Who Would Be King Sample
Fir (Stripped)
Samoyed Flask
Every Day Of My Life
Sepalcure Hotflush
Late Night Bounce (UKG/4x4 Mix)
MAW Expensive
Masters At Work MAW
Long Range
Roska and Untold Numbers
I'll Be Your Friend
Salva Friends of Friends
23 Skidoo
William S Burroughs mp3
Bahwee My Hollow Drum
Little Boots
Locussolus International Feel
Matthewdavid Leaving
One Million Years Ago
Broadcast and The Focus Group Warp
In The Death Cell (Love Theme Reprise)
Queen EMI
7th Dimension
Konx Om Pax Display Copy
Lone Magic Wire
Blen (Remix)
Africa HiTech Warp
The Drop
MJ Cole and Wiley Prolific

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