April Showers

Build And Destroy // 2100-2300 19.04.12

april showers

We're back on air tonight at 9PM BST. Yeah, British Summer Time. It's going to be raining, so why not stay at home and tune in. We've got the usual selection of excellent music and questionable banter.

Posted at 10:32, 19th April 2012


Forever Sound Digital Release
Shifting Sands
Mr Beatnick Don't Be Afraid
Cherry Ripe
Samoyed Glum
Spreo Superbus (Actress Uraeus Mix)
Kodiak Numbers
Tough Lately
Tours Digital Release
Wasting Times
Sun Glitters XVI
Nightfall (Liar's 'Adrenal Ego Lap' Mix)
Borealis Origami Sound
I Felt Fuzzy
Kelpe Svetlana Industries
Ascension Phase
Kuedo Planet Mu
Open The Floodgates
BNJMN Rush Hour
Faint Eligible Remains
Sebastian Rochford and Leo Abrahams Leaf
Sixes and Sevens (Excerpt)
Cian Nugent VHF
While You Doooooo (Extended)
Teebs Brainfeeder
Quakers Stones Throw
Fitta Happier
Quakers ft. Guilty Simpson and M.E.D. Stones Throw
Rock My Soul
Quakers and Prince Po Stones Throw
War Drums
Quakers ft. Phat Kat and Guilty Simpson Stones Throw
Soul Power
Quakers ft. Dead Prez Stones Throw
Working For A Nuclear Free City Melodic
Come Together (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix)
Spiritulaized Spaceman
Swords (Leftfield Revisisted Mix)
Leftfield ft. Nicole Willis Hard Hands
B-Boy Blue
Dr. Rubberfunk GPS
Live At The Place To Be
DJ Format ft. Phill Most Chill and Sureshot La Rock Project Blue Book
Fakin' The Funk
Main Source Wild Pitch
Beneath The Black Arch
Ugandan Methods Ancient Methods
Dub Be Good To Me
Beats International Go Beat
Love Will Tear Us Apart
Joy Division Factory

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