N_ilk Festival Special

Build And Destroy // 2100-2300 05.04.12

n_ilk festival special

n_ilk stands for ‘no ilk’, no formula or genre, - ‘anything goes’.

Last year Build + Destroy went up to Dundee to see what was happening at the N_ilk festival. We caught some great acts, such as Lukid, Point To C and Samoyed and it was all held in the Botanic Gardens. We wanted to find out more about this mini festival, so we have invited Paul Gault, who organised the festival, down to talk about the festival and also provide a mini mix. Expect to hear music from people that have played in the festival as well as Paul warming up before he DJs at The Ivy with Point To C on Friday the 6th of April.

Posted at 22:00, 4th April 2012


Rise Up
Hype Williams Hyperdub
Wavy Graves show with live bootleg of Hype Williams: http://subcity.org/shows/wavygraves/47362/
Scream Seq 2
Madteo Hinge Finger
Tanz In Den Himmel
E.M.A.K. Soul Jazz
Burial and Four Tet Text
Primal Pathways
BNJMN Rush Hour
Play It Loud
Housefactors Black Market
Lilloos Seduction
King Britt Hyperdub
Mast and Samoyed Flask
Nature Conservation
Poacher and Ghillie Flask
A Fillet Of Bozo
Inspector Tapehead Songs By Toad
Production Unit Broken 20
Chalk Knots
Loops Haunt black acre
Riksveg 55
Stefan Blomeier Synth Series
P. Change in the mix
Savoir Faire
Mr Beatnick Don't Be Afraid
Birds Flying In Then Sun Like U Know
MM/KM The Trilogy Tapes
Cos Ber Zam
Ne Noya (Daphni MIx) Jialong
Martyn Brainfeeder

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