with mini features

Build And Destroy // 2100-2300 09.02.12

features a plenty

Check it out. We have two mini features. One is on respected beatsmith J Dilla and the other is on the Scientific Wax label.

Of course there will be the usual array of genres getting played on the show. Tune in.

Posted at 12:19, 9th February 2012


Dopplereffekt Clone Classic Cuts
It Doesn't Arrive
Emeralds Editions Mego
Bjork One Little Indian
Shamefaced Digital Release (Free Download Online)
Church Of When The Shit Hits The Fan Black Lantern
Liar Origami Sound
Hall Of Mirrors
B12 Warp
Balil Warp
Boards Of Canada Skam
Love A Sacred Path
Sebastian Rochford and Ranjana Ghatak and Gina Loring Leaf
Turkish Delight
Squeaky Lobster Vlek
Doshy Digital Release (Free Download Online)
------J Dilla Minifeature------
The Twister (Huh, What)
J Dilla Stones Throw
Time: The Donuts Of The Heart
J Dilla Stones Throw
Mcnasty Filth
Jaylib and Frank and Dank Stones Throw
As Serious As Your Life (Jay Dee Remix)
Four Tet Domino
-----End Of Feature------
------------Scientific Wax mini-feature------------
Don't Live In Fear
Exclusion Principle Scientific Wax
A Man Of Science
B-Key Scientific Wax
DX Heaven
Nebula Scientific Wax
------End of feature------
Das Ding Minimal Wave
Machine And Voice
Actress Nonplus
Ether Drift
Com Truise Ghostly International
Locked Groove Hotflush
Game Over (End Titles)
Ilya Wazuhiru Digital Release (Free Download Online)

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