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Broomhill Mix

1500-1700 26.02.09


I'm Out Of Your Life
Annie's Love Hot Soul
Carla Anderson Hot Soul
Set You Free
3D ft. Bobby Santos Seductive Soul
I'm About Loving You
Al Hudson And The Soul Partners Abc
Track 1
Richard Earnshaw Arista
Leza Expansion
My Soul Desire
Debi Dixon Maylor Road
Track 5
Richard Earnshaw Arista
Glen Jones Shanachie
Cloud 9
Donnie Giant Step
Jill Scott Hidden Beach
Lynne Fiddmont Midlife
All I Want To Do
Ray Charles ft. Angie Stone Atlantic
Funk Joint
Marcus Miller 3 Deuces
I've Been Waiting
Incognito Expansion
Never Really Ever
Maysa Expansion
Me And Those Dreamin' Eyes Of Mine
D'angelo EMI
Alicia Keys ft. Tomy! Toni! Tone! J
Nights Over Egypt
The Jones girls Philadelphia
Get As Much Love As You Can
The Jones girls Philadelphia
Sunny Day
Amar Khali Passion
Gotta Be With You
The Isley Brothers Def Jam

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