The most recent episode for this show was broadcast on the 26th April 2013

Broomhill Mix

1600-1800 18.10.10


Minute by Minute
Michael Mcdonald Giant
Friday Night
Cameron Pierre Candid
All That You Give
The Cinematic Orchestra Ninja Tune
From Brooklyn To Brazil
Brazilian Nights ft. Romero Lubambo Q/Jazz FM
Pat Metheny Group ECM
I Realised
Jiva Solunari
Livin' Out Loud
Lately Rubicon Eye
Something New
2 Tone Soul Vibe
Darlene McCoy Expansion
New Day
Omari Shabazz Rubicon Eye
Gil Small ft. Laurone McClendon MCPS
Don't Be Afraid
Cooly's Hot Box Chocolate Soul
Marva King
Sistah ASCAP
Frayne Expansion
Love Each Other
Leon Thomas MCPS
You Can't Stop A Man In Love
Reuben Howell Monumental Soul
There's A Lull In My Life
Mina Agossi Naive
Jarry Singla Shaa
Daji Tulaji
Jarry Singla AO-NRW
Come On Over
Lenny Hamilton Soul Vibe
Lev's Freilachs
Moishe's Bagel Butterstone
Laura Macdonald Spartacus
Incognito Talkin Loud
I Enourage
K'alyn Chocolate Soul

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