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Bounce // 23.10.12

Bounce is back bitches.

Kicking things off with a collection of some of my favourite hip-pop jams (love it, don't fear it), we took a brief journey back in time to those heady days when Brandy was sitting on top of the world, Usher popped his collar and Mariah lusted for a taste of our honey.

Tune in to hear my sordid confession of enjoying MTV Base a little too much as a baby-lesbian, a Korean cover of Chante Moore's 'Straight Up' and my enthusiastic use of the word 'joy'.

If you're vibing the show, email me at [email protected] and tell me that you've heard of Ruff Endz too - come on guys, don't leave me hanging.

Till next time.


Posted at 15:14, 26th October 2012

work it out

Heeeey gurls and bois. Bounce is skipping out this evening as July is a holiday month - right? However, she'll be booty popping in the studio in two weeks. To prepare make sure you get to the gym, work it out, and be ready to bring it to the next show. Kanye will look after you.

Peace out.


Posted at 18:32, 30th July 2012

you'll step up, i'll step up too

Bounce // 02.07.12

This episode Bounce grabbed some hot salty popcorn and dropped some Minstrels into it, settled down into her private home cinema (complete with a framed Scarface poster) and flicked the switch for the Big Bounce Film Special. Featuring songs from the soundtracks of Step Up, Friday, Rush Hour and Barbershop 2, she managed to get popcorn kernels right down the back of her leather LazyBoy as she danced around in her seat.

If you have a Bounce film marathon after the show get a six pack in and put these on your LoveFilm list: Step Up; Step Up 2; Save the Last Dance; Honey; Barbershop; Barbershop 2; Stomp the Yard; Rush Hour; 8 Mile; Friday and Next Friday. But if you think you'll just end up falling asleep with the TV on just get NOTORIOUS and a redbull. You won't be sorry.

If you enjoyed the show show me love and 'Like' the Facebook page; if you didn't like the show but liked me like Bounce until I have my photoshoot prints back for the Bicola page.


Posted at 17:03, 5th July 2012

never gonna let you go (she's a keeper)

Bounce // 18.06.12

Welcome to what could possibly be the most fun episode of Bounce ever (the last one was pretty good...and the one before that...ah hell, they're all good #modesty). To celebrate the flash of sunshine today I got together some of my favourite summery beats and danced around the studio with sun spots in my eyes.

Featuring some killer tracks from Janet Jackson, Shade Sheist and Ja Rule it truly had the makings of a great block party, which I'm sure even Lauryn Hill would have gone to (except sadly she's crazy now).

I also unleashed Omarion and Big Boi's smash 'Never Gonna Let You Go (She's a Keeper)' which I've decided will be the first song at my wedding.


I hope you enjoy it as much as I evidently did. If not email me at [email protected] and I will put your email into my spam folder.



Posted at 10:56, 19th June 2012

everybody in this bitch gettin' tipsy

Bounce // 21.05.12

Tonight's show was a truly special one, if I say so myself. Starting off with an extract from a killer mixtape by DJ 2Mello and Donnell Jones, I followed up with some choice club hits, mixed live for your dancing pleasure.

This party mix is a sample of the set I did for Lock Up Your Daughter's RnB & Hip Hop Special in December 2011 and my smutty love letter to my nearest and queerest. Get in on the action by listening again, turning up your speakers loud, and dancing like everyone is watching. You gotta shake yo ass.

If you like what you hear, write me a love letter and send it to [email protected] Also, if it puts you in the mood, hit me up and we'll hit the club; I'll teach you how to dougie.


Posted at 10:51, 22nd May 2012

i'd rather go have calamari.

Bounce // 07.05.12

In tonight's show we broke it down with some of the boys and discussed sex, love, marriage and seafood. Featuring hits from Ne-Yo, Jagged Edge and Usher, we learned how to flatter and get close to a girl in a club, ask her to marry you and then screw her over by getting your chick on the side pregnant. Stupid Usher.

If you're having girl problems (I feel bad for you son), email me at [email protected] and we'll work through it together.

Till next time.


Posted at 09:25, 9th May 2012

and then she vomitted everywhere.

Unfortunately, due to my recent inability to stand up without feeling queasy, Bounce did not go ahead as planned on Monday. (And yes, technically I could have sat down and drank peppermint tea and sucked it up, but I was forcibly sent home in a cab from work - it was that bad.)

Sorry guys. However, my plans for the silkest, softest jams from some of the biggest boys in hiphop'n'r'n'b will be postponed till the next show. So save your tears till then.

See you soon.


Posted at 15:41, 25th April 2012

who run the world?

Bounce // 09.04.12

Bounce is back with an all girl special, chasing away the dregs of Bank Holiday weekend with an hour packed with p...erformers.

Tune in for some of the best 90s and early 00s club hits from Foxy Brown, Aaliyah and 702 as well a special mini mix and the debut of a new feature, Flipside. Cassie and Ciara also make an appearance (much to my delight) as well as some old favourites from Missy Elliott and Sunshine Anderson.

"It is literally the best radio show I've ever listened to." Chris Traeger, Acting City Manager, City Hall, Pawnee, Indiana.

Got beef? Email me at [email protected] or visit for more music, trivia and lofty claims of greatness.

Till next time.


Posted at 09:37, 10th April 2012

it was all a dream, i used to read smash hits maga

Bounce // 26.03.12


We can all take a collective sigh of relief; Bounce has arrived. Tune in to the first show to hear some of my fondest hiphop and r'n'b memories and my wonderful ability to make up words when a mic is put in front of me. This week: "synaptical" and "emancipating" (which obviously is a word but for some reason I doubted myself).

Also tune in to hear my frank discussion about Donnell Jones' frank erection - a feeling which Next share - and my efforts to tell Christina Milian and Ashanti apart (it's hard okay?). It's fine, I've worked out a system:

Christina Milian - Likes to writhe around in ink:

Ashanti - Likes to writhe around in a glass condom:


For more videos, music and insanity find Bounce on Facebook or at If you feel like dropping me a line get in touch at [email protected]

See you in two weeks!


Posted at 10:14, 27th March 2012

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