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2100-2202 09.04.12

who run the world?

Bounce is back with an all girl special, chasing away the dregs of Bank Holiday weekend with an hour packed with p...erformers.

Tune in for some of the best 90s and early 00s club hits from Foxy Brown, Aaliyah and 702 as well a special mini mix and the debut of a new feature, Flipside. Cassie and Ciara also make an appearance (much to my delight) as well as some old favourites from Missy Elliott and Sunshine Anderson.

"It is literally the best radio show I've ever listened to." Chris Traeger, Acting City Manager, City Hall, Pawnee, Indiana.

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Till next time.


Posted at 09:37, 10th April 2012


TLC LaFace
Back & Forth
Aaliyah Blackground, Jive
I'll Be
Foxy Brow ft. Jay-Z Def Jam
The First Night
Monica Arista
Here come the minimix...
702 ft. Missy Elliott Motown
Brandy Atlantic
No No No Part 2
Destiny's Child Columbia / Geffen
There go the minimix...
One Minute Man
Missy Elliott ft. Ludacris Goldmine/Elektra
Flipside: Track A
Me & U
Cassie Next Selection / Bad Boy
Flipside: Track B
Long Way 2 Go
Cassie Next Selection / Bad Boy
Heard it All Before
Sunshine Anderson Atlantic
Get Up
Ciara ft. Chamillionaire LaFace
Sweet Dreams
Beyonce Columbia

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