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Bounce is one anglo-filipino lesbian's journey through the purple hills of hiphop and r'n'b. After years of listening to Pitchfork Best New Music lists and attempting to bump and grind to The Smiths, Bicola has decided to stop fronting and embrace the fact that at her root she's a dirty r'n'b freak. Tune in to hear some classic 90s hits, chart floor fillers and choice joints from every corner of the hiphop and r'n'b landscape. It'll be dope, aight. *

*Note: As Bicola is from the South of England she will not be heard saying things like 'dope' or 'aight' because she will get beaten up. Just sayin'.


just in case i die, let's have sex

Bounce // 26.03.13

In this episode of Bounce I artfully (*ahem*) flip between a few of the best tween r'n'b hits (yes, JoJo makes an appearance) to some tracks designed to manipulate the ladies into bed with you. Inappropriate? Yes. Enjoyable? Always.

Hear me also gush about the star-that-never-was Megan Rochelle in between mocking Keily from 3LW's lisp and scrutinising Jahiem's not so romantic 'Just in Case'. A mixed bag of delights said someone, somewhere, when I paid them.


Posted at 13:49, 15th April 2013

tlg vs. bounce

Bounce // 26.02.13

In this very special episode Bounce welcomed Alice Muir, Sophie Kindreich, Emmie Harrison and Amy Anna Bajenski of TLG Magazine for an all girl special. We went head-to-head, playing great jams by some of our most favourite female artists and generally talking about how the girls have it down.

Tune in to hear some classic Destiny's Child, a bit of Faith Evans, some SWV and a bit of Megan Rochell for good measure. We also covered everything from TLG's modest plans to conquer the world and our collective heartbreak at missing out on Beyonce tickets. Just too sad.

Great guests and a lot of fun had by all! Keep track of what TLG are up on their website at and keep an eye for the magazine hittin' WHSmith tomorrow. Snap up a copy before they sell out!


Posted at 20:42, 27th February 2013

how does it feel

Bounce // 29.01.13

Welcome to Bounce's first show of the New Year. In tonight's show things take a decidedly steamy turn as we break out some of the smoothest bedroom jams. Featuring some killer tracks by Aaliyah, D'Angelo and Another Level (Subcity debut), the show aims to help you through the dregs of January by encouraging you to stay in and get freaky.

Explicit content ahead - be warned. Also, I may have accidentally asked our female listeners to indulge in some solo loving whilst tuning in. I... can't believe it either. The things that come out of my mouth...


Posted at 11:29, 30th January 2013

i just wanna rock you all night long

Bounce // 04.12.12

As 2012 draws to a close, I was decidedly grinchy about all the snow and tinsel and tings, and ditched a possibly cringe worthy christmas special for an hour of some classic r'n'b jams. THANK GOD.

Featuring some old favourites from Brandy, Ne-Yo and Kanye West, we mixed it up a little with some casual (aggressive) misogyny and a little less Mariah worship...kinda. Plus I was there as usual, mixing up my tenses, being over enthusiastic about EVERYTHING and whipping out my bass face in the studio.

If you'd like to see just how glorious my bass face is, come along to Subcity's end of term party on Thursday 13th of December at Nice'n'Sleazy's for Bounce's Subcity Debut. I will be behind the decks, dougie-ing and trying find seamless ways to mix 13 Mariah Carey tracks. It's going to be, as the internet says, EPIC.

Look forward to seeing you all down there. Come say Hi.


Posted at 13:52, 6th December 2012

the writing's on the wall

Bounce // 20.11.12

Well guys, I finally did it. Bounce's first ever artist special: Destiny's Child - and special it was.

Spanning across the career of my favourite all girl pop group, we delved into a back catalogue of hits that was just too big to do justice. However, I did manage to include the Godfather skit off Writing's on The Wall, so be confident that this is top class stuff, neatly packaged for your aural pleasure.

Safe to say this has been a Bounce highlight for me - arguably my favourite show so far. So hit the listen again button and relive the magic. Again and again and again...


Posted at 18:19, 22nd November 2012

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