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Bottle Rocket

1400-1500 11.06.09

last chance...

and so it goes...

bottle rocket radio fast approaches its final show of the academic year (but hopefully not calendar year - fingers crossed for a relaunch in october...)

it's our last chance to plug our oh-so-special club night (3rd saturday of every month! next one 20th june! nice n sleazy! 11:30 - 3:00am! marvellous!).

it's your last chance to listen in (well, there'll be listen again options up for a while longer, but you know what i mean...).

And it'll be the last chance for some of our favourite bands to get an airing on the subcity digi-waves. yep, our 'theme' for the final show is Last-chance Firsts. It'll be an hour filled with some top bands who've somehow never cropped up on any of subcity's many splendid radio shows. we've a surprising amount to choose from, but since there's still 3 days before we say goodbye i don't wanna jump the gun by naming any - after all, i'd look like a right eejit if i say 'oh, we'll play superchunk probaby cos they're ace and no one else has' and then someone plays them tomorrow, thereby blowing a massive truth-hole in my unintentional lie. so i'll keep schtum, and you'll just have to listen in.

we probably will play superchunk though.

br x

Posted at 17:47, 8th June 2009


Andersens Bye Bye Blackbird
Sweet Soul Revue
Pizzicato Five Matador
Hyper Enough
Superchunk Merge
My Darkest Light Will Shine
Felt Cherry Red
Dirty Dancing
Frida Hyvonen Secretly Canadian
Sakert family tree
Laka EMI
What Have They Done To My Song, Ma
Melanie Camden
If You Need Someone
The Field Mice LTM
Triple Bill of Shame
The Mendoza Line Cooking Vinyl
Talulah Gosh
Talulah Gosh K
Smile! Noone Cares How You Feel
The Gothic Archies Nonesuch
Billy Jack
Relaxed Muscle Rough Trade
Dick Around
Sparks Gut

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