Bottle Rocket

1200-1300 26.11.09

back back back! (br nov wrap-up)

so bottle rocket's one week absence from the airwaves became two. which was awfully unfortunate. but let's put it behind us, cos there's a top show on the horizon, oh yes.

there'll be some post-club night related blethers and tunes (thanks to anyone who came along to nice n sleazys on saturday night by the way). there'll also be a catch up on some recent gigs as well as the usual look at the week's forthcoming attractions. and my excitement for all tomorrow's parties is now approaching record levels, so i'll be staring the build up to that little delight as well.

translation: expect new yeasayer, the melvins, mission of burma and asobi seksu amongst other things.


Posted at 19:45, 23rd November 2009


Co Ty Tutaj Robisz
Elektryczne gitary Ariola
Shake Senora
The Ram Jam Band and Geno Washington EMI
Ambling Alps
Yeasayer Now We Are Free
Arctic Monkeys Domino
1, 2, 3, Partyy!
Mission of Burma Matador
True Love
Spiral Stairs Domino
Night Goat
The Melvins Atlantic
7- (Ewe Remix)
Boredoms Very Friendly
At That Time I Guess We Misunderstood
Father Murphy Aagoo
Teenage Fanclub Creation
Night Noise Team Permwhale
Thursday (Acoustic)
Asobi Seksu One Little Indian
Cannibal Resource
Dirty Projectors Domino
We're All Going To Die
Malcolm Middleton Full Time Hobby

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