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Bottle Rocket

1400-1500 26.03.09

you know last saturday?

i liked it. lots.

cheers to anyone who came along to sleazys for the ninth (ninth! time flies...) bottle rocket dancing party. we certainly enjoyed ourselves, and we hope the huge leaps in genre (how do you make the transition from lightsabre cocksucking blues to talk talk? with xtc apparently...) didn't jar any dancing shoes! check out for the playlist, and i'll be putting up some photos from the night in the next few days too.

back to the radio show, and it's just me this week, which theoretically means i'm less likely to start rambling about dinosaurs though i aint promising nothing. apart from loads of great songs obviously, which should include dent may and his magnificent ukulele, the pink mountaintops and the dirty projectors.

br x

Posted at 17:56, 23rd March 2009


At The Hop
Danny and the Juniors Not Now
Breathe On It
The Hidden Cameras Rough Trade
Yes, This Is My Broken Shield
The Deer Tracks Despotz
Close To the Crime
Southerly Arctic Rodeo
Battles Warp
One Of Us
Wire Pink Flag
The Bluetones A&M
No More
Dirty Projectors Rough Trade
When You Were Mine
Dent May and His Magnificent Ukele Paw Tracks
Old Old Fashioned
Frightened Rabbit Fat Cat
The Pink Mountaintops Jagjaguwar
Inaugural Trams
Super Furry Animals Rough Trade

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