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Fuck up with Polly

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29th September 2013
Brief Encounter
17th June 2013
"I haven't a clue"
29th April 2013
Baby won't you come and take this pain away
16th April 2013
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5th March 2013
25th February 2013
What's the Good in Being Good
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Blitz // 1300-1400 10.04.12

fuck up with polly

So i had a bit of a fucking nightmare with the system but hey-ho, we played some music so all is good. We played Joan Osborne...please don't ask me why as i have no fucking idea. Spare of the moment madness. the Easter sent me all religious and shit. We miss Corinna. And a big ass thank you to Polly Wade for being my stress pillow and talking as much wonderful shit as I did. love, The Blitz Kidzzzzzzzzz xxxxxx

Posted at 14:12, 10th April 2012


Your Woman
White Town Chrysalis
Shiny Happy People
R.E.M. Warner Brothers Records
Army of Lovers China
Do You Need Someone?
Beth Ditto Deconstruction
Love Is A Battlefield
Pat Benatar Chrysalis
Johnny Are You Queer?
Josie Cotton Bomp!
Praise You
Fatboy Slim Skint
One of Us
Joan Osborne Mercury
Union City Blue
Blondie Chrysalis

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