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A queercentric commentary from the faggy Blitz kids at Glasgow. It's the mixed tape you always wanted your high school sweetheart to give you but they didn't...because they were shit. But you had nothing in common, so it's fine! We're the dumpster baby of Boy George and Blondie, had they used a turkey baster. Playing the queer alt pop that used to ambush Top of the Pops, these are the songs that you listen to whilst you're singing in to your hair brush and downing your Lambrini. Not one to shy away from the new, we'll be playing some fresh stuff, always on the look out for a new gay icon to harass the fuck out of. As if this wasn't enough, we'll also be giving you our unique take on current events and random celebrity shit and how gay we think they are (gay as in fabulous, not as in shit. Homophobes).


baby won't you come and take this pain away

Blitz // 29.04.13 // Baby won't you come and take this pain away

As this is prime revision time I imagine a lot of you are highly strung out on coffee and furiously pissed off at your life. Between masturbating for "something to do", buying very expensive lunch items from on-campus shit holes and desperately eye-fucking anyone in the library who doesn't look like crab people, have a wee dance to this. It'll release all your pent up energy so you can get back to wanking/eating/eye-fucking.

'Summer tune' Sadness.

As always, lv u

Blitz boi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Posted at 14:12, 29th April 2013

sisters with voices

Blitz // 16.04.13 // Sisters With Voices

As it is World Voice Day (?!) I've decided to celebrate with some of the best female vocal collectives of all time. We gots the 60s, the 70s, well we gots one from the 70s, the 80s, we gots the 90s and we gots the NOWies. I hope you like it a lot. As always, keep it queer yo.


The Blitz Kidda xxxxxxxx

Posted at 14:51, 16th April 2013

meeen grrrllzzzz

Blitz // 05.03.13 // MEEEN GRRRLLLZZZZ

I'm a Veronica.


Posted at 12:59, 5th March 2013

what's the good in being good

Blitz // 25.02.13 // What's the Good in Being Good

We've got synthpop right at your cervix today queerios! A femme focused show with lots of Scandinavian sisters singing about sugar pop dance shit. It's like drinking alcopops and eating candy floss at the same time whilst Gossip Girl is on in the background. IKR.


Posted at 12:01, 25th February 2013

baby u left me (in the cold)

Blitz // 11.02.13 // Baby U Left Me (In The Cold)

Hello! Sorry we've left you for so long, but we are officially back now. This show focused on messy relationships because Valentine's Day is fast approaching and monogamous happy couples make us want to disembowel ourselves with eyebrow tweezers.


Marilyn's Destiny children xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Posted at 10:07, 12th February 2013

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