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Bringing you energised vibes in Jungle, bassline and Garage, Bless Riddims is to place to go for the London underground effect in Glasgow. Tune in Midnight Sundays to see wha'appen

STRICTLY VINYL!!!...unless digital is more convenient


so long, farewell, auf wiedersehn goodbye!

Bless Riddims // 05.06.11 // Final Round

You can't say you haven't been warned! the final bless riddims show is upon us and it's time to celebrate and say goodbye. This show won't have too many 'original' tracks, rather a lot of tracks that are my personal favourites, and also happen to be majority jungle. so get on board, get locked, and get ready for the final RRUUUSSSSHHH!!!

Posted at 20:27, 3rd June 2011

it's nearly over...

Bless Riddims // 22.05.11 // Times a-changing

The penultimate episode of Bless Riddims is here. Exams are over (well mine are anyway), university life is ending and the Bless Riddims show is soon done. This then will have to the build up to it all ending! This week will follow a similar pattern to the last couple of weeks and includes new vinyl from the likes of Adison Groove and Run Tingz. Lock in and let the rave commence!

Posted at 13:44, 20th May 2011

to the raving massive...

Bless Riddims // 08.05.11 // Bless Riddims Rave

Lock in for the rave, keeping it on a junglist, funky, garage and bassline hype, with the latest and greatest of all mentioned to kick off the first episode of this month

Posted at 12:50, 6th May 2011

Bless Riddims // 24.04.11 // As you were

Back on air this week with no special theme. Shall be coming in with new and classic tracks in the world of jungle, garage, funky and the return of bassline onto the show. Salute sa;ute soldiers, keep it locked

Posted at 12:43, 22nd April 2011

no justice no peace

Bless Riddims // 10.04.11 // Smiley Culture Dancehall Special

Unfortunately I won't be in live in the studio this week as I'm out of town. So what you get is another Dancehall Special (there's still lots of vinyl left over!). The Structure of the show will be similar to last time, righteous reggae style dancehall for the first part fo the show before moving to bashment stylee

As you may have gathered either by youtself or through the news section here is that there is a campaign for justice for Smiley Culture. This show is dedicated to him and has information on the upcoming march in London on the 16th. If I was live, large and in charge I would give you more info during the show, in the meantime though...!/Campaign4Justice4SmileyCulture for more information on the Campaign!/pages/Bless-Riddims/10150115970130392 for the Bless Riddims, to leave comments as you see fit

Keep it locked Yardies


Posted at 12:24, 7th April 2011

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