The most recent episode for this show was broadcast on the 3rd April 2011

A nearly electronic playlist.

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3rd April 2011
A nearly electronic playlist.
20th March 2011
A tipped cap for Irish music
6th March 2011
Songs about Music
20th February 2011
The episode likely to be affected by veganism
23rd January 2011
The bands with vowels in their names hoo-hah
12th December 2010
I don't know what dub-step is.
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The Black Lodge // 0100-0200 03.04.11


Midnight Midnight
Le Galaxie Underfoot
Weird in my School
Pixies 4AD
The Devil Went Down to Newport
Mono Puff Rykodisk
Little Girls
Oingo Boingo MCA
The Early Sheets
The Lost Levels SIC world
The Golden Eel
Ween Elektra
If I Was a Carpenter
Leonard Nimoy Dot
The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not Me)
Tom Waits Asylum
Ana Ng
They Might Be Giants Elektra
Wallet Falls
Subtle Anticon
I Don't Know
Jape Trust me I'm a Thief
Captain on the Mount
Fall on Your Sword Metropolis
Frank Black 4AD
Talk Talk
The Music Machine Original Sound
She is Beyond Good & Evil
The Pop Group Rhino

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