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Biba Nights is a disco cruiser.

We play the best in new disco house and techno while multicoloured disco balls hang from beneath us.

Its good shit.


biba nights // warming up for 520

Biba Nights // 16.05.11 // Biba Nights // warming up for 520

This Friday Biba Nights will be warming up for house legends Silicone Soul at 520,

We are pretty exited so we thought we would give you a little taste of what we will be playing.

Its straight house and techno all night, yuuuuus!

Biba x

Posted at 00:51, 16th May 2011

biba nights // vronsky hour mix

Biba Nights // 18.04.11 // Biba Nights // Vronsky hour mix

So this week Vronsky is in the studio a lone and has brought a bunch of big, dark, deap tunes for an hour long live mix in the studio.

Heading wayward from our disco and house staple, RnB, Tehcno, dubstep will be the order of the day.

Vronsky Biba

Posted at 00:21, 18th April 2011

biba nights // masha (deadly rhythm)

Biba Nights // 21.03.11 // BIBA NIGHTS // MASHA (deadly rhythm)

For this episode Vronsky came down as Masha from Deadly Rhythm to give a 30 minute bass set.

A Made Up Sound, Joy O, Kassem Mosse and Instra:Mental (who is headlining the next Deadly Rhythm on the 16th April) all featured.

First up in the mix though its Munroso with some real nice house and techno giving a flavour of what is to come at the Brunswick hotel on Friday where Biba Nights will be in charge all night. YAS!


Posted at 16:55, 21st March 2011

biba nights // at munroso|vronsky's house

Biba Nights // 07.03.11 // BIBA NIGHTS // AT MUNROSO|VRONSKY'S HOUSE

This ones live from Munroso and Vronsky's house of house although Vrosnky forgot this and bought a whole load of techno.

This can't be a bad thing.

Biba x

Posted at 23:54, 7th March 2011

biba nights // munroso|vronsky

Biba Nights // 21.02.11 // BIBA NIGHTS // MUNROSO|VRONSKY

biba nights episode // MUNROSO|VRONSKY // an hour of house

biba nights club March...

biba love // x

Posted at 22:57, 24th February 2011

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