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bb's best of 2014

Beat Beneath // 08.02.15 // BB's best of 2014

We've said goodbye to another pretty strong year in electronic music and now that there's been a bit of time to digest it all (I've always been one for waiting til the year's actually done!) it's time for the annual Beat Beneath end of year special.

It feels like a lot of the various approaches and sounds that have bubbled up over the last few years have been crystallising and maturing nicely in recent times and lots of great stuff has come out of it. Club music has continued to be pretty exciting and diverse taking in lots of other backgrounds and influences and the less beat-driven stuff is coming thick and fast too, and of course there's a good bit of back and forth between the two.

As always it's by no means exhaustive but this show will feature some of my favourite music released during the last year, enjoy...

Posted at 15:48, 8th February 2015

beat beneath presents society of silence

Beat Beneath // 25.01.15 // beat beneath presents Society of Silence

Starting things off proper for 2015 with a guest mix from one of my favourite production acts in the last couple of years - Paris's Benoît Legrain and Nicolas Villebrun, a.k.a. BNY and Tite, or Society of Silence.

Since 2012 they've been putting out atmospheric, driving, moody and rough-round-the-edges techno on their own label of the same name as well as making appearances on some firm Beat Beneath favourites such as releases on the Fragil and Versatile labels and a contribution to the always reliable SNTWN podcast.

Their sound has influences from classic and dub techno as well as a good nod to some of the more raw, dark house sounds that have taken hold in recent times, so right up Beat Beneath's street really... fans of Levon, Traumprinz, Joey A, Qu etc take note.

Beat Beneath is proud to present an exclusive recording of the live PA the guys recently played at Paris's Concrete club on 11th January, on a bill alongside the likes of Marcel Dettmann, Mike Parker and John Osborn. This one's on the techier side of their output and I've got no doubts about the damage it did a couple of weeks ago...

SoS soundcloud

Posted at 13:13, 24th January 2015


Beat Beneath // 30.11.14 // 3011


Posted at 18:41, 30th November 2014

100% chicago

Beat Beneath // 19.10.14 // 100% Chicago

In honour of the recent Beat Beneath research trip to Chi-town in the name of music, cuisine and craft beer (and mostly the luck of getting free flights) I've decided to put together a show comprised entirely of musicians from and/or based in the Windy City.

With a timeline of around 1930 up to last week, BB presents to you just a small and by no means exhaustive selection of some of the Midwestern city's best musical output. Expect everything from dusty blues to futuristic juke joints, with plenty of house music in between of course.

Posted at 12:36, 19th October 2014

beat beneath presents wifey ldn

Beat Beneath // 07.09.14 // beat beneath presents WIFEY LDN

Wifey is a London clubnight with its roots in showcasing UK sounds like garage, grime, bassline, funky and all things related. With nearly six years in the promoting game Jim, Ralph and Robin (a.k.a. Diskomo Oblast, Ralph LTF and DJ Set) have got that combination of indisputable taste in music plus knowing how to put on a great party; the nights of theirs I’ve made it to have all been memorable for intimate, fun vibes all round as well as the tunes being spot-on.

Some of their guests in the last couple of years include Cut Hands, Joe, Jam City, Lee Gamble, Randomer, Bass Clef, Elgato, Kowton and Beneath as well as support from the likes of Manchester’s Swing Ting and Don’t Watch That’s Tim and Barry. Their nights take place in various East London venues such as Alibi, The Waiting Room, Dance Tunnel and a certain Hackney loft space, and they’ve made radio appearances on Hessle Audio’s Rinse FM show as well as having played a regular slot on Deja Vu FM and running their own podcast series.

Resident/promoter Diskomo Oblast has put together a mix for Beat Beneath to showcase where Wifey is at these days, so expect various flavours of techno, house, garage and more, all with that unmistakable UK bump.

Their next night is on 8th November in Dance Tunnel, Dalston - lineup TBA, definite date for your diary if you’re about London at the time...


Posted at 20:17, 3rd September 2014

the comfort zone

Beat Beneath // 04.05.14 // the comfort zone

if you're like me and taking it easy rather than getting involved in all the bank holiday weekend techno shenanigans on the go right now then tune in to Beat Beneath tonight to make sure you don't miss your fix.

New music from Coni, Tin Man/Dozzy, Gesloten Cirkel, Djrum, Nicuri and plenty more plus some of the usual digging through the shelves for some timeless goodies.

Posted at 15:35, 4th May 2014

sleep is for the week

Beat Beneath // 09.03.14 // sleep is for the week

Had a couple of seriously good guest shows last month but now I'm itching to do a proper 2 hour mix myself especially with all the good music that's been emerging lately.

Expect new gear from Mathematics, Strength Music, Horizontal Ground, Kangding Ray, Planetary Assault Systems, Christina Vantzou, plus plenty other good shit.

Posted at 16:39, 9th March 2014

beat beneath with zachary (missing persons club)

Beat Beneath // 23.02.14 // beat beneath with zachary (missing persons club)

Taking things a bit more local this time, MPC partner-in-crime Zach is coming down to play some tracks with me.

The usual remit of underground electronic music will be relaxed a bit so expect to hear some funk, soul and other goodness alongside some of the finest house selections this side of Woodlands Road.

Posted at 16:43, 23rd February 2014

beat beneath presents nicuri (strength music, nyc)

Beat Beneath // 09.02.14 // beat beneath presents nicuri (strength music, nyc)

There's an array of guest spots lined up for Beat Beneath in 2014 so it's time to present the first: New Jersey native Ruben Candelario a.k.a. Nicuri.

Nicuri's friends and associates include the likes of DJ Qu and Joey Anderson, and he's been refining his own take on that dark, deep raw house sound that's been consistently coming out of the tri-state area in recent years. He already has several releases to his name including contributions to the always high-calibre Exchange Place series and 2012's Paradigms EP on Bliq; and his A Lucid Dream/Moments EP is dropping imminently on UK label Mora Music.

Those in the know are predicting big things for Ruben in the coming year, and it's my pleasure to present an exclusive one hour mix from him on this edition of Beat Beneath.

Nicuri Soundcloud

Nicuri Facebook

If you're into this then you may enjoy the next Missing Persons Club night featuring DJ Qu, 28th Feb at La Cheetah

Posted at 18:30, 6th February 2014

first light

Beat Beneath // 26.01.14 // first light

After last time's 2013 retrospective it's now time to go back to business as usual.

Lining up some guest appearances for the coming year which you'll hear about in due course but tonight it's two hours of myself taking you through some fine electronics.

Posted at 19:40, 26th January 2014

bb's best of 2013

Beat Beneath // 12.01.14 // bb's best of 2013

Happy new year to all!

As has become something of a tradition for Beat Beneath going in to the new year, it's time for a quick snapshot of some of the best music from the previous one.

It's been another pretty special year in the realm of electronic music - some of the most promising labels and artists to emerge from last year have gone on to own 2013, the old favourites haven't let up, and there remains a steady stream of new and exciting artists making their marks.

Regrettably there's a whole load of music that I won't be able to fit in, which I'll no doubt speak a bit about over on once the show is done, but nonetheless I'm going to cram as much as possible into the two hours so expect a whistle-stop tour through some of the last year's finest messy house jams, straight-up techno bangers, moody grime instrumentals, ambient synthscapes and whatever the heck else has come out of this mad year.

Posted at 11:54, 12th January 2014

stormy weather

Beat Beneath // 15.12.13 // stormy weather

it's been a horrible weekend here in Glasgow but don't fear, I'm making the trip to the studio to lighten all your spirits with a big bag of fresh records.

Also, me and my Missing Persons Club partners in crime are putting on a wee holiday season party on the 28th - details HERE - so tune in for a preview of the sort of stuff you might be hearing there.

Posted at 16:16, 15th December 2013

the boy is back in town

Beat Beneath // 01.12.13 // the boy is back in town

After a somewhat sporadic 2013, Beat Beneath is now back on the fortnightly schedule. Myself at the controls for two hours this time around and I'll be bringing some serious tunes as always, from slow luscious house to skittery bass music and plenty in between.

Posted at 20:58, 30th November 2013

tales from the dirty south

Beat Beneath // 15.09.13 // tales from the dirty south I

As you might have noticed I've been unable to make it to the studio since about May but tonight I've endeavoured to be in the right place at the right time. Just me for the two hours this time, cos I've missed it eh...

Posted at 10:37, 15th September 2013

bb v stevie beats (gil scott heron special)

Beat Beneath // 26.05.13 // bb v stevie beats (gil scott-heron special)

It's time for something a bit different to the usual electronic beats (although electronic beats of course won't be entirely absent...) - the day after this Sunday's show will mark the two year anniversary of Gil Scott-Heron's passing. A musician much-admired here at Beat Beneath HQ, it seems appropriate to celebrate the date with a show dedicated to the man's music. Active from the end of the 1960s right until his death and encompassing everything from his trademark minimally-accompanied spoken word pieces, to emotive soul and jazz songs, and to his recent forays into electronic music with top collaborators, the man's left a huge legacy of great music.

I'm bringing in Stevie Beats, a man much more qualified than myself to pick out his favourite GSH selections. This show will not be televised, but it will certainly be broadcast 8pm-10pm Sunday 25th May.

Posted at 13:03, 25th May 2013

beat beneath v julius funkhouser

Beat Beneath // 12.05.13 // beat beneath v julius funkhouser

The next installment of the Beat Beneath V series has been a long time coming - Julius Funkhouser will be taking to the decks on Sunday's show. Glasgow native Funkhouser (Dennis Seltzer-Grant) has been DJing around the city and running the Scenic Tones label for a number of years, recently putting on Missing Persons Club parties alongside yours truly, and as anyone who follows his soundcloud will know he's also prone to dropping some seriously grooving raw house beats of his own making on the regular.

Expect top quality deep house from JF in the first hour, which I'll then be complementing in hour 2 with some recently acquired vinyl including some heavier gear that I picked up in my recent trip to Berlin.

Posted at 13:09, 9th May 2013

let conversation take place

Beat Beneath // 14.04.13 // let conversation take place

As promised last time I'll be down at the studio despite temporal/geographical/sleep constraints. Two hours of music that I've bought and/or had stuck in my head for the last couple of weeks, and more. Tracks from from Vinalog, Ital Tek, Lumigraph and others.

Posted at 19:20, 14th April 2013

techno resurrection

Beat Beneath // 31.03.13 // techno resurrection

Due to work commitments it's been a good few weeks since the last show but fear not, BB is returning to its rightful Sunday night slot tonight. It's a pretty ridiculous bank holiday weekend in Glasgow as far as lineups go, so whether you're heading to Omar S or Barnt tonight here's your warm up, or if you're listening later on in the week we'll keep the good vibes going...

Posted at 10:41, 31st March 2013

solitary flight

Beat Beneath // 20.01.13 // solitary flight

After going all over the place with the Best of 2012 show, tonight it's just me in the studio again for 2 hours of the finest techno and house and maybe some other bits and bobs too

Posted at 13:11, 20th January 2013

bb v 2012

Beat Beneath // 06.01.13 // beat beneath v 2012

In a bold move away from dance music media tradition, I've decided to leave the compiling of my "best of 2012" list until the year actually ends.

2012 has been an incredible year for electronic music - we've had an absolute glut of amazing music on the side of experimental electronic taking inspiration/paying homage to more traditional dance music forms, and vice versa; we've had former dubstep/funky producers turn their hands to house and techno and often doing a pretty good job of it; we've had 2011's visible emergences of both harder techno and deep Chicago-inspired analogue goodness come to maturity with old and new producers making the sounds their own, and, well, L.I.E.S. happened.

This show won't be by any means conclusive but I'm planning to shove as much good music as I can into the two hours in some sort of musically sensible order.

Posted at 20:03, 30th December 2012

beat beneath v animal farm

Beat Beneath // 23.12.12 // beat beneath v animal farm

2012 is coming to a close and it's time to end the year with a bang. Animal Farm is no doubt a familiar name if you happen to be in Glasgow and into techno; they've been bringing some of the world's best DJs to the city and playing warm-ups, peak times and afterparties everywhere, and they've invited Berlin techno master Ben Klock to help them celebrate their 8th birthday at the Sub Club on the 27th of December in what promises to be a late highlight of the 2012 clubbing calendar.

The guys are going to come and play some records on Beat Beneath to get us all into the holiday spirit, so tune in to hear some of the best DJs that Glasgow has to offer.

Posted at 20:33, 19th December 2012

beat beneath v deadly rhythm

Beat Beneath // 09.12.12 // beat beneath v deadly rhythm

Originally putting on parties in London, Deadly Rhythm expanded its reach to Glasgow and got some local boys on board a couple of years ago and they've put on some great parties - the launch night with 2562, followed by putting both themselves and the Chambre69 club on the map with their booking of Martyn, and many more memorable nights since have all been a great addition to Glasgow's scene and tied in nicely with its growing appreciation of the current UK sound that fuses house, garage, disco, techno, hip-hop and whatever else indiscriminately. Next week sees Detroit house godson Rick Wilhite play alongside Funkineven, Alex Nut and Fatima and it costs comfortably under a tenner.

I've invited Euan to come down to the studio and bring whatever records and Deadly Rhythm co-conspirators he desires, so get locked at 20.00-22.00 09/12/2012 or anytime after.

Posted at 12:36, 8th December 2012

beat beneath v broken20 (tvo & production unit

Beat Beneath // 11.11.12 // beat beneath v broken20 (tvo & production unit

Last show was just me playing tracks for (nearly) 2 hours, lots of great recent tunes on there and a few classics too. Check it out.

As announced on that show, this coming Sunday's slot is another guest edition - this time I'm handing the full two hours over to TVO and Production Unit to present a showcase of their impeccable music taste and of the Broken20 label that they run along with Erstlaub.

Ruaridh Law a.k.a. TVO a.k.a. The Village Orchestra has several albums under his belt, including his latest Red Night. He's also a very capable DJ - just check out his mnml ssgs mixes if you need any proof of that - and I know for a fact he'll be playing out in Glasgow soon enough; you'll hear more about that on the show. He recently performed in a car park in Peckham along with Roly Porter and Bill Kouligas - safe to say I wish I'd been there.

Production Unit (Dave Donnelly) is also no stranger to creating and playing quality electronic music - his new album There Are No Shortcuts in a Grid System is out this month and is sure to be a timely entry to the already large collection of musical highlights of 2012.

The Broken20 sound, if there is one, is informed by techno and electro but the influences range far beyond dancefloor beats. As they describe it themselves, they aim to put out "releases concerned with decay, erosion, entropy, mistakes and errors, line noise and tape hiss, hum and buzz," things which Beat Beneath is quite partial to now and then...

Both acts are alumni of Glaswegian electronic group Marcia Blaine School For Girls and were involved with the Numbers crew back in the day - all in all, true homegrown Scottish talent. I'm pretty excited to hear what they'll play on the show.


Broken20 twitter

Posted at 15:27, 5th November 2012

bb v sb

Beat Beneath // 28.10.12 // bb v sb

I'm pleased to announce that Beat Beneath will now always be a 2 hour slot so that means plenty more time for guest appearances, a wider range of tunes, and of course twice as much good music. Check in from 20.00-22.00 every second Sunday and as always keep an eye on and for the latest news.

This week, after the previous two shows' great guest spots, it's time for me to take the reins back. Simply 2 hours of tunes, including some nice new bits of wax I've picked up lately, some older stuff, and maybe even some diversions away from the clubby beats.

Got something special lined up for the following show which I'll announce on Sunday's show and afterwards online...

Posted at 21:06, 26th October 2012

beat beneath v grampian mountains

Beat Beneath // 14.10.12 // beat beneath v grampian mountains

After the last show’s techno and house onslaught from Wax Works, it’s time to introduce another local guest to Beat Beneath: Grampian Mountains.

You might know Craig from his new but already highly acclaimed Subcity show where he plays house, electronica, jazz and much more and has had a fine selection of guests. Even if you haven’t caught him playing records, chances are you’ve admired some of his design work for a vast array for creative outlets. He’ll be joining me in the studio to play some of the vinyl he’s into at the moment.

Posted at 16:49, 10th October 2012

beat beneath v wax works

Beat Beneath // 30.09.12 // beat beneath v wax works

The Wax Works collective have been on my radar for the last couple of years with their blog, often containing insightful interviews and quality mixes, and of course the various nights they’ve put on in Glasgow. From low-key residents' sessions and bar all-dayers to full-on techno parties, they’ve struck a chord with Beat Beneath through their great taste in music, their continued support of the good old vinyl format, and their willingness to book emerging underground talents such as John Osborn, Sigha and Eric Cloutier in a city whose house and techno scene sometimes feels dominated by middling tech-house or the same old big-name crowdpleasers.

So this Sunday the boys are coming down to play some records on a 2-hour edition of Beat Beneath, and perhaps tell us a bit about what they’re up to in the near future.

Posted at 18:32, 26th September 2012

fresh(er) beats

Beat Beneath // 16.09.12 // fresh(er) beats

The summer's winding down, the weather's starting to look suspect (as if it ever wasn't) and everyone in the vicinity of the studio is looking more confused than usual - damn right, it's mid September in Glasgow.

After a rejuvenating summer break it's time to bring the beats back to your Sunday nights. Big tings planned for the coming year, but for tonight we're settling back into the routine and keeping it simple with sixty minutes of great tunes.

Posted at 11:08, 16th September 2012

the ending of seasons

Beat Beneath // 01.07.12 // the ending of seasons

With another academic year over and done with, it's come to that time again when Beat Beneath and Subcity take a well-earned summer break.

After last time's winding back of the clock 10 years, the season finale is straight back into the present with some of my favourite tunes from the last twelve months and some nice new tracks.

Beat Beneath will return soon enough (excepting any sudden changes in life circumstances...) so keep your eyes on to stay informed and receive some musical treats in the meantime.

Posted at 11:51, 1st July 2012

progressive is a dirty word

Beat Beneath // 17.06.12 // Progressive is a dirty word

The last few shows have been less about specific subgenres and more about simply playing great music and some of the best new records, but as the (academic) year nears its end I've decided to treat everyone to something a bit different to the usual format.

"Progressive house" is a term that's about as old as dance music journalism itself, having had various meanings since the early 90s and remaining a bit nebulous and, more often than not, slightly uncool. In addition to this, anyone who's been near the major online music retailers recently might well have had their ears assaulted by the poppy, overproduced, soulless close cousin of electro-house that seems to have taken on the prog label in recent years despite embodying anything but musical progress.

So in a vain attempt to redeem the genre, or at least play some of the records that indeliably shaped your presenter's taste away from the evils of trance and really aren't a world apart from a lot of today's techno and house, this week's show is strictly 1998-2005 progressive house. Slow builds, subtle beats, restrained funk, low-key melodies and perhaps the odd epic breakdown.

Posted at 15:35, 13th June 2012

bank holiday techno service

Beat Beneath // 03.06.12 // bank holiday techno service

We're in the middle of a much-needed break in the routine but it's business as usual at the Subcity studio, with a pile of new records set to grace the wheels of steel on tonight's Beat Beneath. In the words of the great Moodymann, "the talent's on the turntables". Expect a finely-picked collection of things from straight-up techno, dreamy house, UK-bass-indebted bangers and some electro of the good kind.

Posted at 19:32, 3rd June 2012


Beat Beneath // 20.05.12 // sundaymoon

It's been a very nice Sunday so I've got some equally lovely tunes lined up for tonight's show. Featuring music from Franco Cangelli by any other name, a big 90s drum n bass producer, that Russian burd everyone fancies, and I'm sure an obligatory Levon Vincent track will also feature.

Posted at 16:52, 20th May 2012

glasgow west house'n association

Beat Beneath // 06.05.12 // glasgow west house'n association

After the rather busy month of April, Beat Beneath kicks off May with another hour of fine cuts of dance music to bring in the bank holiday. Plenty new bits, and as per usual one or two highlights from some of the ongoing hordes of world-class DJs who've been stopping off in Glasgow lately.

Name inspired by presenter's recent house move, which is also why there was no show last time. Carrying the best part of a thousand 12" records up to a 3rd floor flat is FUN.

Posted at 11:28, 6th May 2012

april maschinefunk

This week's Beat Beneath comes in an April that's turning out to be particularly generous in the way of new releases and club bookings, with an inordanate amount of the show's favourite DJs gracing our fine city. Whether your stateside house allegiances on the 14th will lie with Levon Vincent's New York stomp or Omar S's machine-led, unpolished Detroit goodness; whether you're listening to the show while recovering from the pounding beats of Ben Klock and classics from Laurent Garnier and his band, or from Dixon's dark house masterclass; maybe you're still reeling from Mike Dehnert ripping La Cheetah a new one last weekend if you didn't keep it local at the Subby; or maybe you're further afield doing your own thing... no matter what, I'll be presenting my pick of the month's touring talent as well as some of the new releases I'm into just now.

Posted at 10:53, 6th April 2012


Beat Beneath // 11.03.12 // overtime

Urgent business has demanded my presence elsewhere this weekend, however I'm not going to let all you loyal listeners down just like that! So on a sunny Wednesday morning I fired up the decks, hit Record and played some tunes for an hour and what came out is sounding pretty good if I say so myself so that's what's going on air this week. I've not got a working mic in the house right now so it's all tunes and no chat, you decide whether that's a good or a bad thing or just enjoy sixty mintutes of deep electronic music...

Posted at 19:36, 7th March 2012

end-of-month moods

Beat Beneath // 26.02.12 // end of month moods

It's now time for another dose of Sunday evening techno, reluctantly winding down from the weekend with tracks from Alex Flatner, Edward and DVS1 amongst some of the usual suspects.

Posted at 18:52, 26th February 2012

beat beneath returns... yet again

Beat Beneath // 12.02.12 // back from the smoke...

It's been a few months since Beat Beneath last appeared on the schedule, for reasons mostly relating to the presenter temporarily relocating some 400 miles from the Subcity studio. However I'm back now and kicking off the show for 2012 with a brand new Sunday evening slot - ideal if you need that one last dose of tuneage before accepting the weekend is over.

This week's episode will dive straight into the usual type of no-nonsense quality techno and house music that Beat Beneath has been mixing up on air since 2008, with some of the playlist currently depending on whether Royal Mail make it to the office before the weekend rolls in (if not I've picked up more than enough good stuff in the last few months so no worries at all...) Get on it live at 9pm 12/02/2012 or listen anytime after.

Posted at 22:02, 9th February 2012

techno bizness

Beat Beneath // 26.09.11 // techno bizness

After last show's excursions into slower, deeper territory, this week's Beat Beneath plans to start where we left off by kicking off with a few tracks of subtle, experimentally-tinged beats then brushing all that aside to launch into some proper dark techno smashers from the likes of Mike Dehnert, Skudge, a certain side-project-of-a-side-project named Pacific Blue and of course many more. Expect pounding bass, warehouse vibes and big minor chords aplenty.

Posted at 13:39, 26th September 2011

post-frog deepness

Beat Beneath // 12.09.11 // post-Frog deepness

Straight from the excellent Electric Frog festival and moving right into Freshers Week, this week's Beat Beneath aims to counteract the effects of too much Stella, St Helier and taps-aff antics from the weekend, and also the upcoming barrage of insipid pop music and questionable student union lineups in the coming week, by delivering a selection of no-nonsense, discerning deep tuneage to the citizens of Glasgow and beyond. Whether you're a student re-engaging your brain and liver for the upcoming term, or you've already been there and done that and just starting another week in the office, or you're the one random listener in Venezuela (statistics don't lie...), indulge your ears in an hour of quality tunes from the likes of James What, Taron Trekka, 6th Borough Project, and a couple of the stars of last weekend.

Posted at 14:21, 12th September 2011

beat beneath back for another year!

Beat Beneath // 29.08.11 // BB is back again!

Beat Beneath is back once again (for its fourth year no less!) to deliver some great dance music to the Internet masses, mixed live as always from Subcity's newly refurbished studio.

The show will continue with the fortnightly format, now on Monday nights 8pm-9pm live and of course always available to listen at your leisure. Expect some nice tunes that came out over the summer months alongside some other gems...

Posted at 12:38, 26th August 2011

end of season

Beat Beneath // 01.06.11

Sadly it's got to that time of year again... Subcity is drawing to a close for the term, and Beat Beneath has just one last show before the summer downtime. It's going to be a rather good one - brand new music from the likes of Truncate, Argy and Zentex alongside some recent favourites and oldies-but-goodies. The schedule doesn't stop til the 15th but your presenter will be happily sunning himself in Barcelona by that point and gearing up for some seriously good music at Sonar ;)

The show will of course be back as soon as possible, watch this space and as always keep an eye on the Facebook - - which will be updated regularly with general music chat, nightlife recommendations and even the odd DJ mix if you really need to get your fix...

Posted at 18:06, 1st June 2011

520 warmup

Beat Beneath // 09.02.11 // djset from home; a.k.a. club520 preview

Hey... I'm not able to make it down to the studio so can't do this week's show live but I've recorded a nice mix that'll be broadcast at the usual time, in advance of Beat Beneath hitting Club 520 this Friday.

Check out the Facebook event page here for all you need to know about the lineup that night, other 520 nights this month, and your presenter's much-exaggerated skills with the ladies:

Posted at 18:41, 8th February 2011

the return of beat beneath and other news

After a few months off, Beat Beneath has sneaked back onto Subcity's virtual airwaves (cable waves just doesn't sound as cool...) for 2011 and there's been a couple of crackers so far. 26th January's episodes explores some deep, dubby and raw techno vibes while 2nd February brings a bit of funk with some mid-tempo house numbers.

Also, your fine host Simon Bryan is DJing at the biggest new night-spot in town, Sauchiehall Street's Club 520, on the 11th of February. It's a Friday night and the soundsystem is suitably heavy so do come down and check it out...

Posted at 20:21, 2nd February 2011

bb goes on summer holidays

Beat Beneath // 10.06.10

It's come to that time again - Beat Beneath is drawing to a close for the summer, ending its second year on Subcity. All things going well it will of course be back for another season in September, doubtless armed with a load of new tunes...

Not to worry though, I've got one last show for you and it's gonna be a good one. Some brand new tunes, some favourites from the last year and a couple of bona-fide Beat Beneath classics are lined up.

Also please note that the show is at 8pm if you're planning to listen live.

Posted at 20:13, 9th June 2010

insert bad "house"/how's pun here

Beat Beneath // 25.03.10

Two weeks ago Beat Beneath brought you raw warehouse beats, and last week went from minimal to bass, so this week's Beat Beneath is taking a housier direction. Expect everything from deep lushness to all-out funk, moving on to some of the finest tech house du jour.

Posted at 17:24, 23rd March 2010

warehouse sessions

Beat Beneath // 11.03.10

Partly to bring in the new slot in style, and partly due to a recent gig of mine being cut off early for, erm, legal reasons, this week's show is eschewing the usual hint of melody for an hour dedicated to dark, raw, and dirty warehouse techno. Expect tunes from such filth wizards as Dustin Zahn, Sian and Ben Klock, and it's highly recommended that you listen to the show on a system with a decent amount of bass otherwise it won't really work, laptop speakers aren't gonna cut it here...

Posted at 21:39, 10th March 2010

winter warmers

Beat Beneath // 11.01.10

As you all know it's extremely chilly outside so I'm going to attempt to play some warm, laidback tunes in an attempt to do something about that. Nothing too full-on, just a selection of nice wintry tracks.

This show is 100% vinyl for added warmth :)

Posted at 17:47, 10th January 2010

best of 2009 special

Beat Beneath // 21.12.09

It's come to the end of 2009 so for the last Beat Beneath of the decade I'm going to run through, in my opinion, some of the best dance tracks to come out in 2009 in a special two-hour show. Expect tunes from Itamar Sagi, John Tejada, Robert Hood, Scuba and many many more in a show which will cover electronica, house, techno and "bass music" (how I dislike that term...). One not to miss...

Posted at 14:04, 19th December 2009

last beat beneath this term...

Beat Beneath // 12.06.09

As you may know already, Subcity only runs for the academic term so it's stopping its broadcast this weekend until September... meaning Friday 12/6 is the last Beat Beneath for a while. It's gonna be a bit of a retrospective - I'll be playing some of the best tracks from the last year or so, so expect some BB favourites ranging from deep techno to dubstep via funky house and other annoying subgenres.

I'll be in touch through this group occasionally about things like mixes to download and upcoming DJ gigs so hopefully you won't miss me too much ;)

P.S. make sure you head down to the Subcity Stage for the West End Festival this Sunday (14th), if the weather's nice we'll be loading some speakers and decks into Kelvingrove Park and having a wee party with Subcity DJs playing all sorts of good music from around 1pm onwards... also the final Research Club night of the year is that very night and also has a very good lineup. Check out for more details.

Posted at 00:11, 12th June 2009

de-stress with beat beneath...

Beat Beneath // 08.05.09

Seems like everyone including myself is busy studying or working away lately so I'm going to keep it fairly laidback tonight and play an hour of nice deep house numbers that'll suit you just fine whether you're winding down after a hard week or still stuck in the library slaving away... although even if you're getting ready to go out there'll still be just enough groove to keep you on your feet. Good tunes for everyone, really.

Posted at 20:21, 8th May 2009

beat beneath returns to the airwaves!

Beat Beneath // 01.05.09

Again I apologise for the last few weeks' lack of shows but now I've got a bit more free time and I'm happy to say that service will now be resuming as normal!

I've got some great tunes old and new ready to be played tomorrow night so expect the usual fine selection of house and techno; there's no special theme this week, just quality music from the likes of Steve Bug, Franco Cangelli, M.A.N.D.Y. and much more.

Posted at 22:05, 30th April 2009

no more beat beneath until further notice...

I regret to inform you all that I won't be doing the show for at least the next few weeks. Got a massive amount of uni work to do alongside job applications/interviews, so I feel that I'm no longer able to put in the time and effort to do a decent show every week. I've been pretty busy the whole year and still just about managed to do Beat Beneath but I really can't keep that up, and I don't want to come in and do half-arsed inadequately prepared shows.

Hopefully it'll be back in the not too distant future but real life has to come first at the moment... thanks to everyone who's listened to and supported the show so far, it's been much appreciated.

Posted at 10:05, 8th April 2009

no beat beneath this week...

...however I will be DJing at Subcity's end of FM party!

There's a handful of tickets left but word on the street (i.e. what I've heard from my pals) is that there's gonna be a mad rush to buy them tomorrow, so don't leave it too late.

Plenty info about it on the Subcity front page, basically it's in a secret location, there's gonna be 3 rooms of music and it'll be amazing...

Oh and DJ Assault's playing there.

Posted at 21:52, 19th March 2009

fm party warmup...

Beat Beneath // 13.03.09 // FM party warmup

Next week is of course Subcity's End of FM party, where Subcity is ending its month on the FM airwaves with Detroit ghettotech legend DJ Assault alongside several of the stations' own DJs and presenters including myself. To get you in the mood for it, tonight's show will be stuffed full of the sort of tunes that I might be dropping on the night. Expect a few deep or funky tracks, some more full-on bass driven techno, and a healthy dose of tech-house grooves - in other words a selection of thoroughly danceable records that'll be providing a more subtle alternative to the full-on booty bass in the next room (although I advise you check out all 3 rooms, too much DJ talent to miss!)

Remember tickets are now on sale from Glasgow Uni SRC and Rubadub, it's looking like it'll be a very special night so get in there before it's too late...

Posted at 18:15, 13th March 2009

beat beneath vs ruin it: dubstep special

Beat Beneath // 06.03.09 // Dubstep

Tonight is a very Friday night as myself and Whoa!gan (Ruin It) are joining forces to provide two hours of the finest dubstep around with each of us delivering our takes on one of the most exciting and unique genres of recent years; fusing 2-step garage influences, drum and bass rhythms and grime's grit with a healthy dose of dub reggae spaciousness and a pinch of techno sensibilities.

10-11pm sees myself ditching the usual 4 to the floor beats for a 100% dubstep edition of Beat Beneath, showcasing my recent favourites including a look at the more techno-infused side of the genre, then at 11pm Whoa!gan takes over the decks stepping things up a gear with the type of bass-heavy and breakcore-inspired madness that you know and love him for.

Be sure to tune in or at least listen again to this one-off FM show...

Posted at 16:18, 6th March 2009

techno times

Beat Beneath // 27.02.09 // Harder Techno

After last week's toned-down celebration of all things deep, this week's Beat Beneath goes straight for the jugular playing an onslaught of full-on techno tracks from Europe and America's finest.

Although the techno genre is as wide and diverse as it is misunderstood, tonight's show is all about the banging tunes that are best suited to dark sweaty rooms, warehouses and abandoned industrial spaces. If you're in the mood for getting your Friday night off to a flying start or just want to spend an hour dancing around your room then tonight's Beat Beneath could be well worth your time. Expect stripped-down grooviness, unbridled filth and downright silliness courtesy of such people as Marc Houle, Phil Kieran and a couple of German guys who managed to pack out The Arches quite recently...

Posted at 17:07, 27th February 2009

beat beneath on 106.6 fm!

Beat Beneath // 20.02.09 // Deep music special

As you may well have heard by now, Subcity Radio is going to be broadcasting on the FM airwaves (as well as the usual online ones for all the non-Glasgow-residents) for the next four weeks on 106.6MHz so get tuned in!

The broadcast kicked off today so of course I'm going to be pulling out some of my best records for the next few shows, with each week having a different genre-based theme. Tonight's show is the Deep edition, playing the very best recent deep house and techno as there's been so many good deep dance tracks coming out lately that they easily deserve a show devoted to them. Expect funky, subtle and moody tunes from the likes of Efdemin, DJ Koze and Joris Voorn.

As always if you can't listen live you'll be able to listen back to this episode and all previous ones so don't worry if you're already out by the time the show kicks off.

Posted at 18:26, 20th February 2009

prog house special... this time!

Beat Beneath // 16.01.09

OK so you might be aware that last month's prog house special didn't actually happen due to illness... well it's coming up tonight!

It might not be the trendiest genre around at the moment but keep in mind Beat Beneath isn't about sticking to the most obvious or most current records - it's a show simply devoted to providing quality music of the electronic dance variety. Whether you were a prog head back in the day, a curious techno fan or someone who doesn't have a clue what makes a house record 'progressive', I've dug out a selection of smooth, melodic and funky tracks that are sure to please your tastes.

This is by no means a definitive collection or a 'classics' show and it's not going out of its way to give history lessons, but with records from Ozgur Can, Sasha, Jaytech and others (and strictly no deceased rodents in sight ;) ) the Beat Beneath Prog House Special aims to simply give you an hour of one of dance music's most emotional and living-room-friendly yet still thoroughly danceable genres.

Posted at 20:50, 16th January 2009

beat beneath back for 2009!

Beat Beneath // 09.01.09

First of all, apologies for the non-existant prog house special last month, as luck would have it I had the 24 hour flu bug the day I was supposed to be doing it so it's now been rescheduled for next week...

Anyways... hope everyone had a great time of various winter festivities, now we're all back at work and things are getting back to normal, but on the bright side Beat Beneath is resuming tomorrow night with some brand new tunes from people such as Extrawelt and Daniel Bortz alongside a few slightly older numbers that you may or may not know. If you've been getting pissed off at consumerism, busyness, Christmas music and Auld Lang Syne for the last few weeks then why not remedy that with some fresh techno beats mixed live from an old building in the west end of Glasgow? Nothing cures the winter blues quite like some warm deep house beats in my opinion, so whether you're getting ready to brave the cold city centre or burying yourself in some form of blanket-based fortress and turning the heating up, you could do much worse than tuning into Subcity at 10pm tomorrow night (or tonight if you're reading this tomorrow, or using the Listen Again feature if you're reading this after tomorrow...)

Posted at 22:30, 8th January 2009

no beat beneath this week...

Unfortunately due to the fact that I'm moving house on Saturday all my gear is packed up and I've just not had the time to put together a show for this week.

Do not fear though, Beat Beneath will be returning next week with more great tunes...

Posted at 09:31, 20th November 2008

beat beneath 24/10/08

Beat Beneath // 24.10.08

After last week's deep gorgeousnes, dark shades of tech-house and rather rubbish but thankfully minimal chat, Beat Beneath returns with more lovingly crafted beats from such people as Minilogue, Florian Meindl and a guy from Chilé called Ricardo (probably not the one you're thinking of). Expect the usual mixture of leftfield techno, subdued house, emo-tech and possibly other made-up subgenres of dance music.

Remember if you miss the show you can always listen back by visiting the show page,

Posted at 19:45, 24th October 2008

deep, dark and moody special!

Beat Beneath // 17.10.08

Pretty much as it says really - tonight I'm going to be digging through the depths of my record box to bring you the deeper side of dance music. From spacey dub techno, through subdued minimal and moody tech house to some more relentless, unnerving numbers all with just enough melody to keep it somewhat radio-friendly, tonight's Beat Beneath promises to be a treat for those into the beautiful, dark recesses of techno's more subtle side.

Music will be courtesy of Amé, Loco Dice, Sian and more.

Future specials may or may not include progressive house, techy dubstep (very different to dub techno, trust me) and early 90's rave...

Posted at 18:29, 17th October 2008

beat beneath is back!

Beat Beneath // 03.10.08

After a week off last week, Beat Beneath is returning to the airwaves with a selection of great tunes to kickstart your night whether you're a techno connoisseur wanting their beat fix or just getting ready to go to Cheesy Pop (as I, shamefully, am doing after the show...) Prepare for tunes from Joris Voorn, Ascii.Disko, Gabriel Ananda and some mad Icelandic burd.

Posted at 19:14, 3rd October 2008

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