Progressive is a dirty word

Beat Beneath // 2100-2200 17.06.12

progressive is a dirty word

The last few shows have been less about specific subgenres and more about simply playing great music and some of the best new records, but as the (academic) year nears its end I've decided to treat everyone to something a bit different to the usual format.

"Progressive house" is a term that's about as old as dance music journalism itself, having had various meanings since the early 90s and remaining a bit nebulous and, more often than not, slightly uncool. In addition to this, anyone who's been near the major online music retailers recently might well have had their ears assaulted by the poppy, overproduced, soulless close cousin of electro-house that seems to have taken on the prog label in recent years despite embodying anything but musical progress.

So in a vain attempt to redeem the genre, or at least play some of the records that indeliably shaped your presenter's taste away from the evils of trance and really aren't a world apart from a lot of today's techno and house, this week's show is strictly 1998-2005 progressive house. Slow builds, subtle beats, restrained funk, low-key melodies and perhaps the odd epic breakdown.

Posted at 15:35, 13th June 2012


Hide U (John Creamer & Stephane K Remix)
Kosheen Arista/BMG
Emily Yoshitoshi
Touch Me (Touch Me Here Mix)
Joy Kitikonti and Francesco Farfa Hooj Choons
Release (Andy Moor Remix)
Medway Hooj Choons
The World Doesn't Know
Tilt Lost Language
MFA Precinct
Ozgur Can Precinct
Rapture (John Creamer & Stephane K Remix)
IIO Made
Dedicated To All Believers
Heiko Laux Yoshitoshi
One For You
James Holden Silver Planet
Stage One (Separation Remix)
Space Manouevers Hooj Choons

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