Beat Beneath

2100-2200 11.03.10

warehouse sessions

Partly to bring in the new slot in style, and partly due to a recent gig of mine being cut off early for, erm, legal reasons, this week's show is eschewing the usual hint of melody for an hour dedicated to dark, raw, and dirty warehouse techno. Expect tunes from such filth wizards as Dustin Zahn, Sian and Ben Klock, and it's highly recommended that you listen to the show on a system with a decent amount of bass otherwise it won't really work, laptop speakers aren't gonna cut it here...

Posted at 21:39, 10th March 2010


Claro Intelecto Modern Love
Material Things (Patrick Graser remix)
Tom Dicicco Baud
Walk Alone
Dustin Zahn Truesoul
Call Girl (Elias Landberg remix)
Billy Dalessandro Soniculture
EQD Equalized
Check For Pulse
Ben Klock Ostgut Ton
Hot In Here
Daniel Bortz Pastamuzik
Mekong Delta
Len Faki Ostgut Ton
Timafaya (Ozgur Can remix)
Stian Klo Perc Trax
Wear Your Scars Like Medals
Sian Aus

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