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Beat Beneath // 2100-2200 03.06.12

bank holiday techno service

We're in the middle of a much-needed break in the routine but it's business as usual at the Subcity studio, with a pile of new records set to grace the wheels of steel on tonight's Beat Beneath. In the words of the great Moodymann, "the talent's on the turntables". Expect a finely-picked collection of things from straight-up techno, dreamy house, UK-bass-indebted bangers and some electro of the good kind.

Posted at 19:32, 3rd June 2012


Crown Gall
Kassem Mosse Mikrodisko
Desolate Plains
Leftover Baum
Black Puff
Regen Ilian Tape
OS-3009 (Conforce Remodel V3)
Albert Van Abbe No Comment
Nikola Gala Rekids
The One (Kevin McPhee Remix)
Sepalcure Hotflush
Candy Flip
Alex Coulton Idle Hands
Brother (Skudge Remix)
Maarten Mittendorff and Jasper Wolff Indigo Aera
Nihad Tule and Bauri Drumcode
Move It
Floorplan M-Plant
instra:mental 3024
Tazz Underground Quality
Military Field
Vinalog Relative
Vilna (Orphyx Remix)
Svreca Semantica
Lobster Boy Lobster Boy
Baghdad (Optimo ReEdit)
Sonic Solution R&S
The Traveller Ostgut Ton
Only (Ryan Elliot Remix)
Nikola Gala Rekids

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