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1900-2000 01.06.11

end of season

Sadly it's got to that time of year again... Subcity is drawing to a close for the term, and Beat Beneath has just one last show before the summer downtime. It's going to be a rather good one - brand new music from the likes of Truncate, Argy and Zentex alongside some recent favourites and oldies-but-goodies. The schedule doesn't stop til the 15th but your presenter will be happily sunning himself in Barcelona by that point and gearing up for some seriously good music at Sonar ;)

The show will of course be back as soon as possible, watch this space and as always keep an eye on the Facebook - - which will be updated regularly with general music chat, nightlife recommendations and even the odd DJ mix if you really need to get your fix...

Posted at 18:06, 1st June 2011


Suspended (Vinyl Edit)
Terrence Dixon Thema
Levatation Flight
Konstantin Isaev Balance Alliance
Zentex Pong Musiq
Nervous Disid
The Mole New Kanada
Not That Known
Alexxei and Nig Exprezoo
Seven Days Left
unknown artist 1XA
Roman Lindau Fachwerk
Truncate Truncate
Smash the Keypad
Vinalog Relative
02A Horizontal Ground
Daze To Come (Beats Mix)
Argy Versatile
Kris Wadsworth NRK Sound Division
Aphex Twin R&S
Teach The Devil's Son
Deadbeat Echocord Colour

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