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Beat Beneath presents a selection of the best electronic and dance music, ranging from straight-up dancefloor killers to abstract electronics and plenty in between. Hosted by Simon Bryan and regularly featuring guest selections from Glasgow and beyond.



Beat Beneath // 07.08.15 // multimodal

The fortnightly Beat Beneath slot is now no more, Beat Beneath is moving to a more occasional format for the time being so watch this space but for now it's back for tonight.

Been a little while so got a load of nice stuff to play, maybe it'll be a warm-up for Missing Persons Club at La Cheetah tonight where I'll be rolling out the peaktime gear a few hours later...

Posted at 16:12, 7th August 2015


Beat Beneath // 14.06.15 // sketched

After last show's excellent mix from Wheelman I'm happy to be taking control for the full two hours this time. Feeling a bit sketchy today so will try to bring the healing vibes...

Posted at 18:01, 14th June 2015

beat beneath presents wheelman (stereotone)

Beat Beneath // 31.05.15 // beat beneath presents Wheelman (Stereotone)

For the latest Beat Beneath guest slot we've got another session straight from the club - this time from Jonathan Fernandez a.k.a. Wheelman, a skilled DJ and producer, lover of dance music of all flavours, committed supporter of the Glasgow scene and all round good guy. Most recently he's started the Stereotone night bringing the Thursday party vibes from himself and fellow locals and he's kindly supplied an excerpt from his extended set from its third instalment.

In the words of the man himself: "This is a live recording from the 3rd Stereotone night that are in La Cheetah on the 3rd Thursday of every month. It was just a few days after my 21st birthday so I decided to play all night on my own and do a loose retrospective of some of the records that have been important to me since I started mixing at 11."

Stereotone on Facebook

Posted at 14:26, 31st May 2015


Beat Beneath // 17.05.15 // redistributed

Back to the newly refurbished studio after some time away, with an armful of recently acquired and somewhat unsorted records. Dark vibes forthcoming

Posted at 17:48, 17th May 2015


Beat Beneath // 22.03.15 // ilios/ekleipsi

In honour of the weekend's glorious 12-degree sunshine and the station's collective post-20th-birthday hangover I'll probably kick off with some disco/Afro-tinged stuff then move into some nice new club tracks I've picked up in lately in general...

Posted at 19:24, 22nd March 2015

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