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Beat Beneath presents a selection of the best electronic and dance music, ranging from straight-up dancefloor killers to abstract electronics and plenty in between. Hosted by Simon Bryan and regularly featuring guest selections from Glasgow and beyond.



Beat Beneath // 17.05.15 // redistributed

Back to the newly refurbished studio after some time away, with an armful of recently acquired and somewhat unsorted records. Dark vibes forthcoming

Posted at 17:48, 17th May 2015


Beat Beneath // 22.03.15 // ilios/ekleipsi

In honour of the weekend's glorious 12-degree sunshine and the station's collective post-20th-birthday hangover I'll probably kick off with some disco/Afro-tinged stuff then move into some nice new club tracks I've picked up in lately in general...

Posted at 19:24, 22nd March 2015

bb's best of 2014

Beat Beneath // 08.02.15 // BB's best of 2014

We've said goodbye to another pretty strong year in electronic music and now that there's been a bit of time to digest it all (I've always been one for waiting til the year's actually done!) it's time for the annual Beat Beneath end of year special.

It feels like a lot of the various approaches and sounds that have bubbled up over the last few years have been crystallising and maturing nicely in recent times and lots of great stuff has come out of it. Club music has continued to be pretty exciting and diverse taking in lots of other backgrounds and influences and the less beat-driven stuff is coming thick and fast too, and of course there's a good bit of back and forth between the two.

As always it's by no means exhaustive but this show will feature some of my favourite music released during the last year, enjoy...

Posted at 15:48, 8th February 2015

beat beneath presents society of silence

Beat Beneath // 25.01.15 // beat beneath presents Society of Silence

Starting things off proper for 2015 with a guest mix from one of my favourite production acts in the last couple of years - Paris's BenoƮt Legrain and Nicolas Villebrun, a.k.a. BNY and Tite, or Society of Silence.

Since 2012 they've been putting out atmospheric, driving, moody and rough-round-the-edges techno on their own label of the same name as well as making appearances on some firm Beat Beneath favourites such as releases on the Fragil and Versatile labels and a contribution to the always reliable SNTWN podcast.

Their sound has influences from classic and dub techno as well as a good nod to some of the more raw, dark house sounds that have taken hold in recent times, so right up Beat Beneath's street really... fans of Levon, Traumprinz, Joey A, Qu etc take note.

Beat Beneath is proud to present an exclusive recording of the live PA the guys recently played at Paris's Concrete club on 11th January, on a bill alongside the likes of Marcel Dettmann, Mike Parker and John Osborn. This one's on the techier side of their output and I've got no doubts about the damage it did a couple of weeks ago...

SoS soundcloud

Posted at 13:13, 24th January 2015


Beat Beneath // 30.11.14 // 3011


Posted at 18:41, 30th November 2014

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