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Ides of March

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Part those hairy fronds and dive deep into Beard Radio's Ides of March. Stewart Smith takes you to some dark places with the dub dread of Raime, the creeping doom of Haxan Cloak, and the apocalyptic drone of Tim Hecker. We also revel in the sheer pleasure of noise, from the hippy bliss-romps of Akron/Family and the sound of children singing in the Sahel, to Larry Young's cosmo-jazz freakouts and the unadulterated joy of Bob Cobbing's sound poetry. All that, plus heavy, heavy funk from Iron Knowledge, Saharan guitar music, some classic soundtrack music from Nino Rota, and the ecstatic sound of a waulking song from the Isle of Barra. We top it all off with a gorgeous ballad from Iranian singer Dariush.

Beard Radio // 1900-2000 21.03.11


Children in Djounhan Sahel Sounds / Missipssippi Records
Intriya Ag Babo Sahel Sounds / Missipssippi Records
Silly Bears
Akron/Family Dead Oceans
Lathat siubhold beinne dhomh
Miss Mary Morrison and her chorus Tangent
Bob Cobbing Aeolus/pocketbooks
This Foundry
Raime Blackest Ever Black
In The Air II
Tim Hecker Kranky
Iron Knowledge Memphix
Khalid of Space Part Two
Larry Young Sanctuary
Burning Torches of Despair
The Haxan Cloak Aurora Borealis
Aria Di Roma Main Titles
Nino Rota Cherry Red
Cheshm-e Man
Dariush Finders Keepers

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