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Happy Birthday, Banjax

Banjax // 2200-0000 25.09.11

banjax birthday party: jerome hill @ la cheetah

Banjax celebrates its 1st Birthday this coming Friday @ La Cheetah with the return of our favourite DJ, Jerome Hill (Don't), who smashed it on our opening night last September.

Here's the Facebook event page:

On tonight's show, it'll be the usual techno, electro and bass fest and thankfully Dave Shades will be sober.

Posted at 19:41, 25th September 2011


Dave Shades
Terminally Yours
Dave Tarrida Tresor
Watch Them Get Killed
Fedka the Irritant Horror Boogie
Radioactive Man Rotters Golf Club
Badman Gets Badder
Luke's Anger bonus round
Bad Prisoner
Fedka the Irritant Horror Boogie
Reso Audio Freaks
Luke's Anger bonus round
Trippin' Balls
Thorpey Demo
Vorpal Swords
Jerome Hill Don't
Ghetto Red Hot
Rrritalin coin operated
Project Perk
Luke's Anger bonus round
The Thing
3d!t Not On Label
Get Ill
Heapy Mutant Bass
The War on Terror
Mr Sly Off Me Nut
Lenkemz and Axewound Off Me Nut
Rrritalin coin operated
Dirty on the Floor
Luke's Anger Don't
3d!t Shed
Tim Wright Novamute
Magic Mylo Alley Rave
A Friend in Need
Topcat and DJ Panic and M Rode Streetlife
Vs (Amon Tobin Remix)
Squarepusher Rock Bottom
Rush Remedy
Sperian and Master Editor Beat Lab
On a Jungle Tip
Sperian and Master Editor Beat Lab
Get Funky
Wikkid Squad Wikkid Riddim
Mister J
DJ Sly and Capo Higher Stakes
Promised Land VIP
Rebel MC and serial killaz congo natty
See You Smile
Sixteeenarmedjack Jungle Expeditions
Run Red (Marcus Visionary Remix)
Richie Spice Liondub
tim exile Planet Mu
I Want You Back (Reggae Remixes)
The Bombist White Label
Ghost and Jabba Life 4 Land
Dave Shades
Hurt You (Kanji Kinetic Remix)
She is Danger She is Danger
Moustache Feeling
Thorpey White Label
Mr Wobble's Nightmare (Squire of Gothos Remix)
Kid 606 Tigerbeat 6
Night Trap (Esquire's Grimestep Refix)
Kanji Kinetic White Label
Bassface (Kanji Kinetic Remix)
Flufftronix ft 215 the Freshest Kids Horror Boogie
Nice One Bruvva
Rrritalin Horror Boogie

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