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Jingle Baws-oot

Banjax // 2200-2300 05.12.10

jingle baws-oot

Another episode of Banjax, this time with Data Rape, McGarvatron and Tommy. It'll be baws oot wonky techno all round this time.

And thanks to all that came down to DMX Krew and Fancy & Spook. Belter of a night, check the pictures here:

Posted at 13:34, 5th December 2010


Motor Novamute
T. Raumschmiere Novamute
I'n A Disco Dancer
christopher just XL
Nut All Over Yo Face
DJ Skitzo Modular
Black Women
Jammin Gerald Dance Mania
The Freeks
DJ Deeon Dance Mania
Oral Sex
DJ Milton Ultimate Funk
West Street Mobbin
Jerome Hill Nasty Colour
Marcin Czubala Input/Output
Jerk Chicken
Luke's Anger Bow Wow
Take My Leave
Tomas Nordstrom Don't
Tension In New York
Neil Landstrumm Tresor
Rel Und Pol
Jerome Hill Don't
Frictonal Heat
Schematic Tools Kugelbox
Queaver & Versis Miditonal
Jerry Abstract Musick
Sid Nasty
Luke's Anger bonus round
Hard & Cheeky
Queaver & Versis Kugelbox
Quite Erotic
Debasser Fleeced
Jochen Trappe Neue Heimat
Think I'm Ready
pirate soundsystem coin operated
Yo Wannit Bad, Boy?
Fin Phranklin Miditonal
Triple Drop feat Shiftee Moova
squire of gothos coin operated

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