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Bass Warfare

Banjax // 2210-2359 22.01.12

banjax:the squire of gothos vs phatworld vs dankle

This Saturday, 28th January, we play host to The Squire of Gothos vs Phatworld vs Dankle @ La Cheetah. £8 before 12 / £10 after. 11pm-3am.

Expect plenty of bass tonight, with many of the guests' tracks planned and also an airing of the new Horror Boogie EP, which is due out very soon.

Posted at 19:04, 22nd January 2012


Point B bonus round
Grizzly Funk
Luke's Anger bonus round
Freely Freakin'
Jamie Lidell Neue Heimat
Lory D Wireblock
That Track
Subhead Don't
Otaku of the Dead (Phatworld Remix)
Submerse Off Me Nut
Lenkenmz and Axewound Off Me Nut
Big Yellow Smiley Faces
The squire of gothos Rag & Bone
Niche Paradoxxx
Madmaid Maltine
Get Ill
Heapy Mutant Bass
Gotta Be a Better Way
The squire of gothos Off Me Nut
Triple Drop
The squire of gothos coin operated
Fuck'd n' Bomb'd
Rrritalin coin operated
Freestyle Disco (Hakan Lidbo Remix)
Si Futures Novamute
Always Trippin'
The squire of gothos Slidebar
Come In
Tomas Nordstrom Shed
Mustn't Grumble
3d!t Shed
Dirty Hospital Control Tower
Butters Bounce
Bracket coin operated
Trip II London
pirate soundsystem coin operated
Sick My Duck
Queaver and Versis Miditonal
Stank (Invisibility Skank)
Dankle coin operated
Dave Shades
The Hacksaw
Gusbo Horror Boogie
Big Bad Mudda Sucka
Data Rape Horror Boogie
The Joint
Michael Forshaw Horror Boogie
Yeah or !
Queaver Horror Boogie
Wat I Mean
Dankle ft. KB Mutant Bass
Emptyin Full Clips
The squire of gothos Rag & Bone
Moovin & Groovin
Phatworld Off Me Nut
Dankle Horror Boogie
Let Go
Submerse Mutant Bass
Bang Harder (RRRitalin Remix)
Kanji Kinetic Mutant Bass
Yeahhbuzz Bass Hound
Citizens Unite (VIP)
Kanji Kinetic Horror Boogie
Bassface (Kanji Kinetic Remix)
Flufftronix ft. 215 The Freshest Kidz Horror Boogie
Junglismonk White Label

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