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Episode 7: Simply Selection

Bangers & Mashup
25th April 2012
Episode 7: Simply Selection
28th March 2012
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1st February 2012
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14th December 2011
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16th November 2011
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Bangers & Mashup // 2200-0000 25.04.12

episode 7: simply selection

This month's episode will be strictly down to Rosa & Floyd's selection, no guests, no interviews, just us two, for the penultimate show...

We'll be taking the first half of the show, to go through some tracks exciting us now, plus a few classics that never seem to get boring, then Floyd will be going on the decks, as a preview for upcoming gigs at Kelburn, Sub Club & Chambre - tune in to find out more.

Posted at 22:42, 24th April 2012


Zero 7 Ultimate Dilemma
Kavinsky and Lovefoxxx Record Makers
Shining Star (Joe Goddard Remix)
Nneka Decon
You Want Me (Never)
Marcellus Pittman Seventh Sign Recording
SebastiAn Ed Banger
Love You So (Joe Goddard Remix)
Delilah Decon
Cape Fear
KMA Productions Urban Beat
Born To Die (Two Armadillos Remix)
Lana Del Rey White Label
Long Way 2 Go
Deadboy Well Rounded
Mini Calcutta
Nicolas Jaar Circus Company
Jacques Greene Greene
Hackman Perspectiv
Funkineven Apron Records
Easy Life
K nto Funk Mansion
Gipsy P
Crookers White Label
Floyd On The Decks..
Love You Up
Two Inch Punch PMR Records
Come Around
Gongon and Bad Autopsy Well Rounded
Lando Kal Stillcold
You Know It
Jesse Rose Made To Play
Dirty Honey
Tom Demac Hypercolour
Whatever Whatever (Original Mix)
Eats Everything Dirtybird
Wish U Knew (Original Mix)
NTFO Sintope
Begging (Final)
Digital Farm Animals Unsigned
Roska Rinse
Deep Inside
Cruffy White Label
Oh My Days (Pearson Sound Remix)
Auntie Flo Huntleys
Good Life (Original Mix)
Brassroots play all
Get Yourself High
The Chemical Brothers Virgin
Heater (Claude Van Stroke Remix)
Samim Get Physical
Fake Jake (Original Mix)
Bambounou Youngunz
Senta (Bok Bok Remix)
French Fries Youngunz
I Know This (Can't Be Love)
XXXY Well Rounded
Oh So Nice (Original Mix)
Reilly Steel Top Billin

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