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Armed Response DNB

2000-2200 10.10.08

armed response dnb feat y2d

yes yes!

This Friday we've got a special one hour set from up-and-coming drum n' bass producer Y2D, one to watch in the coming months if you like your drum n' bass deep, soulful and funky.

Hailing from Aberdeen, Y2D is one of Scotland's top unsigned dnb producers, drawing influence from LTJ Bukem, Calibre and Photek. His tunes "Fya!", "Roadblock" and "Hornet" have been featured on BBC Radio One, and one of the first tunes he ever sent us, "Moonlight" still gets played regularly on the show. Y2D also promotes "Full Spektrum" in Aberdeen, holdin' it down for the dnb scene up North alongside the mighty Jungle Nation.

We love to support Scottish unsigned talent on Armed Response so make sure you get locked to check this out.

Tonight's show will also feature an exclusive set from DJ Dog Rapist, and will be hosted by Whoa!Gan from Ruin It.

Posted at 13:03, 10th October 2008


tonight's show brought to you by DJamba & Y2D!
DJamba 2000-2100
poetry in motion
redeyes and sweed spearhead
Alix Perez Shogun
hanging on
atlantic connection westbay
random movement
stars in the dark bassbin
one year on
bcee and lomax innerground
so close
icicle med school
can't be
icicle fokuz
commix Metalheadz
break quarantine
ur in my head
Switch fokuz
lomax Bounce
eveson and lomax spearhead
talk to frank (break remix)
commix Metalheadz
the tube
spectrasoul Shogun
Alix Perez and lynx soul:R
go 4 yours
zero t and icicle and steo CIA
catch up
total science CIA
atlantic connection Sonorous
japanese electronics
commix Metalheadz
monkey boy (original sin remix)
Rufige Kru Metalheadz
y2d 2100-2200
lead me on
breakage bassbin
enigma (calibre remix)
break quarantine
zero t bootleg
hot lick squeeze
mutt creative source
Alix Perez soul:R
d-bridge and calibre exit
just a little herb
mi:sti:cal soul:R
mr majestic
calibre signature
spectrasoul critical
y2d dub
morphy function
doc scott 31
phantom force
digital and spirit Phantom
perfect blue
commix Metalheadz
hang on
icicle Shogun
4 me
breakage critical
no smoke
DJ vapour Metalheadz
the drone
break symmetry
is this real
Rufige Kru exit

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