The most recent episode for this show was broadcast on the 29th May 2009

Armed Response DNB

2000-2200 24.04.09


rob didn't bother replying to my enquiries as to whether he was coming tonight, so it's an old mix again
get it together
perfect combination moving shadow
one stop to glory
ill logic and raf and don.e DZR
how it should be
break and kyo invaderz
basic operations and chino nerve
subminal aura
q project liquid V
midnight caller
bcee and lomax nu directions
inna dem clothes
soulproof fokuz
phobia Renegade
on track
holdtight advanced
rise and shine (craggz & parallel forces remix
artificial intelligence Dispatch
K.A.O.S. and karl K human imprint
come home (2005 remix)
dj lee and karl K and jae kennedy circle
break commercial suicide
kiko explicit
Noisia Subtitles
food chain
fierce and break quarantine
rawthang moving shadow
the plague (trace remix)
keaton renegade hardware
harkonnen in the mix! 2115-2200
peach band
subfire naturality sound system
no exit
nsl Unknown
no idea what the rest of this stuff is... my database doesn't cover obscure eastern european technoid!

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