Argonaut Sounds feat. DJs/Soundsystems Documentary

Argonaut Sounds // 1800-2000 18.01.09

argonaut sounds documentaries: #5 djs/soundsystems

On this weeks Argonaut Sounds Reggae Documentary show we'll be taking a look at the importance of soundsystems in Jamaican music, and at the rise of DJs. These were the guys who set the tone in the dancehall, provided feedback to the producers, and whose microphone skills gave birth to whole genres of music.

Posted at 17:58, 18th January 2009


Wreck Up My Life
Leroy Smart Makasound
Rocking & Swinging
Big Joe Makasound
Free Up Rasta
Al Campbell Jamaica Sound
Play Fool Fi Get Wise
Johnny Clarke Jackpot
Queen Majesty
The Techniques Treasure Isle
Roll Called
Tenor Saw Powerhouse
Just One Of Those Days
Sizzla VP
Learn Fi Drive
Early B Kingston Sounds
Peace And Love In The Ghetto
Tristan Palma Clock Tower
Don Carlos Black Arrow
Bone Connection
Nicodemus Greensleeves
Lost My Sonia
Cocoa Tea Volcano
Michigan & Smiley Greensleeves
Yellow Man Greensleeves
Roung And Rugged
Shinehead African Love
Ruffer Dan Before
Nardo Ranks Ranking Joe
Rastaman Skank
Tapper Zukie Virgin
God Above Everything
Anthony B Brick Wall
Park Your Guns
Norrisman Brick Wall
Cutty Ranks The Shark
Wine Up Your Waist
Flourgon Ranking Joe
Warm In The Street
Fantah Mojah Palm Of Gold
Regge news update
Praise Jah
Burro Banton Stereo One
Rasta Still Deh Sout
Lutan Fyah Greensleeves
She Is Royal
Tarrus Riley Cannon
We Do The Killing
Cocoa Tea Digital B
Argonaut Sounds Documentary #5: DJs/Soundsystems
We Need Barack
Movado White Label

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