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Argonaut Sounds break out a King Jammy special. A whole show filled with songs either by King Jammy, or produced by King Jammy. The show features an extensive, excellent playlist, also containing a lot of the Sleng Teng rhythm.

Argonaut Sounds // 2000-2200 02.12.09

king jammy's special

Tonight on Argonaut Sounds we're gonna be doing a special episode dedicated entirely to the genius of King Jammy - the full two hours of the show will be filled by tunes either produced by King Jammy prior to the establishment of his label, or released on it thereafter. We'll also cover some of the key developments in his life and career, and there'll be nuff Sleng Teng.

Posted at 15:17, 2nd December 2009


Juckie Jam
Frozel Pendergast Jammy's
Introduction to the dancehall legend that is King Jammy
Bad Company
Echo Minott and Wayne Smith Kingston
Junior Reid Greensleeves
Yah Wi Deh
Anthony Johnson Kingston
Money In The Bank
Half Pint Kingston
Learn Fi Drive
Early B Kingston
Mother Move
Junior Reid Greensleeves
Milky Highway
Half Pint Greensleeves
Children Of The Ghetto
Cocoa Tea Jammy's
What More Can I Really Do
Half Pint Greensleeves
Introduction To Sleng Teng Riddim - the next 12 tunes are all Sleng Teng versions
Under Mi Sleng Teng
Wayne Smith Jammy's
Trash And Ready
Super Cat Jammy's
Original Fat Thing
Echo Minott Jammy's
Big Thing
Tappa Zukie Jammy's
Hey Bobby
Cocoa Tea Jammy's
Pappa Faith Jammy's
Pumpkin Belly
Tenor Saw Jammy's
Under Me Peter Green
Super Morris Jammy's
Call The Police
John Wayne Jammy's
Cry For Me
Pad Anthony Jammy's
Budy Bye
Johnny Osbourne Jammy's
Heights Of Heaven
Ras Shilo Jammy's
My Pride Won't Let Me
Gregory Isaacs Jammy's
Tune In
Cocoa Tea Jammy's
Far East
Barry Brown Jammy's
No Sound Like We
Johnny Osbourne Jammy's
10 to 1/Tempo Riddim
King Jammy Jammy's
Come We Just A Come
Tonto Irie Jammy's
Wear Your Size
Lt. Stitchie Jammy's
Come Again
Cocoa Tea Jammy's
Shock Out
Home T Jammy's
Devil Send You Come
Little Twitch Jammy's
Pinchers Jammy's
Feel The Pressure
Courtney Melody Jammy's
Who She Love
Cocoa Tea ft. Home T and Shabba Ranks Jammy's
Don't Throw It All Away
Home T Jammy's
Old Time Something
Admiral Bailey Jammy's
Gimmie It All
Lukie D and Lt. Stitchie Jammy's
Bad Like Yaws
Lt. Stitchie Jammy's
More Reality
Ninjaman Jammy's
Red Dragon Jammy's
Dis A Di Medley
Admiral Bailey Jammy's
No Ice Cream Sound
Johnny Osbourne Jammy's
Pinchers Jammy's
Love Punnany Bad
Shabba Ranks Jammy's
Jah A Guide Me
Little Twitch Jammy's
Lord Watch Over Our Shoulder
Garnett Silk Jammy's

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