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8-Bit Nights @ Broadcast

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25th April 2013
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28th February 2013
8-Bit Nights @ Broadcast
29th October 2012
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1st October 2012
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8-Bit Nights // 1320-1543 28.02.13

8-bit nights @ broadcast

After a hiatus of 6 months 8-Bit NIghts returned for a special night on Friday 8th February at Broadcast.

The gig featured Swedish legend "Nordloef" Sheffield's 8-bit king "Harley Like Music" US based act currently studying in Glasgow " The Laohu" supported by our resident "Theremin Hero" and "Centipede Threat" who was making his live debut.

Instead of trying to cover the gig with two radio shows we decided to just play the whole damn thing from start to finish. The editing between acts is a little sketchy but we hope it doesn't spoil your enjoyment of what was probably our best night yet.

Posted at 16:11, 28th February 2013


00:00 Centipede Threat
22:20 The Laohu
48:30 Theremin Hero
1:18:00 Harley Likes Music
1:49:20 Nordloef

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