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An hour of classic and rare soul, northern soul, funk and original disco that will get you off your back side and onto a dance floor. I will be taking a journey through my record collection and talking about how the tracks make me feel. I'll also be talking about what's new out there.


neil manley's march madness.

45 kicks // 08.03.11

The legend that is Neil Manley, One of the guitarists in the rock and or pop group THE REGENERATORS, joins me in the studio for a wee chat about life and his favorate chords.

Posted at 21:39, 7th March 2011

carmen comes to town.

Carmen Pieraccini comes into the studio and we have a wee chat about what she's up to, With a whole lot of soul.

Posted at 16:48, 21st February 2011

billy kirkwood in the house or studio i could say

Billy Kirkwood pops into the subcity studio on 45 kicks and has a wee chat. Excuse me if the show starts being a little professional. Billy pops in and wrecks the joint. A perfectly built one too.

Posted at 20:39, 8th February 2011

mark robb talks music

My Guest this week is the man himself Mark Robb. We'll be playing tune we both like and having a wee chat about what Marks up to these days. Have a listen and tell me what you think.

Posted at 18:53, 24th January 2011

chris henry rocks 45 kicks

The Magic that's Chris Henry is in the studio this week talking about things. hee hee

Posted at 16:30, 17th January 2011

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