Finlay Archibald // Glasgow Cen Pirate Party PPC

Pirate Party UK


Debate is Free is interviewing candidates standing in the various Glasgow constituencies in the upcoming UK General Election. First up is the Pirate Party's only Scottish candidate: Finlay Archibald who is standing in Glasgow Central.

Archibald is 19 and a maths student at Glasgow's Strathclyde University. He has been heavily involved in running the Scottish branch of the Pirate Party UK. Since joining the party, Archibald founded the first Pirate student society in the UK and he wants to engage with the people of Glasgow to give them an MP that they can be proud of, something which he feels Labour has proven they cannot provide.

You can find more information about the Pirate Party UK and its candidates on their website.

A full list of candidates standing in the Glasgow Central constituency is below.

Finlay Archibald Pirate Party UK

John Bradley Conservative

Ian Holt British National Party

James Nesbitt Scottish Socialist Party

Osama Saeed Scottish National Party

Anas Sarwar Labour

Ramsay Urquhart UK Independence Party

Alastair Whitelaw Green

Chris Young Liberal Democrat

If you are a candidate or part of a campaign team and you want to put your candidate forward for interview email: [email protected]

Posted at 21:18, 27th April 2010